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its me again :) i have this 1 again.. if there dont come loading on. im sry the Mixed NG preloader is meaby down because its not are a normal preloader its a Online preloader from my website.. :) enjoy and i used many hours on this. i hope you will like it, BYE!! from me :) i hope you can use this!! there are many guns this time :D


Lazy Work

The Song Is the Worst
The Rap Is not a rap

You have the laziest Ideas

not a tutorial

that was had no information on drawing them just "draw the gun and paint it" well yes we all know thats what you do. you didnt even try on this thing, and you didnt even draw those guns did you?

Your lack of knowledge disturbs me.

It saddens me seeing people not being able to tell an MP5 from a HK53 and an G3SG1 from an AWP, noir it was really informative. As I would be seriously able to see outlined work and made a flawless gun from it. (Which I am, but whatever). The "music" got annoying.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot the most important point: YOU DIDN'T EVEN MAKE THOSE DAMN GUNS.

I don't feel enlightened.


i dnt no if this will count as a vote because i didnt play it because the play button doesnt work. I waited for like 5 mins an the jus got bored. Prefer the 1st one.

Cosmie responds:

hmm, Yes it does. my Online Preloader is down... !! so wait a little time,

unenlightened person

oh man here we go again encouraging kids to get guns
i just dont get it people who have guns are more likely to get shot true fact and yet here are all these thigns on newgrounds encouraging people to buy these heinous things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ya know tragedies happen all teh time because of guns and im gettting pretty sick of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why dont you try to make something that isnt about some killing weapon or device the world would be a much safer and more peaceful place if we can all just agree that guns do nothing but kill people and are evil

just think about it next time you go to make a picture with some lunatic gun nut playing with his trigger i wouldnt want dead kids on my conscience and neither should you dont add to the violence instead fight [peacefully[ against it by engaging others instead of advocating violence and the weapons of death k?????????


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May 14, 2007
4:09 PM EDT
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