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Falling Collab

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Please put this in the art forum collabs section, please. The artists who worked to put this together were (in alphabetical order):


There were 30 Pictures. All done in 2 days. The menu idea was done by Dezimo. Song: I've Got some falling to do "by lemon demon".

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nice what u got goin here will there be a 3rd one i plan on entering on that one if there is send my regards to kirbylink he was my fave


What you have here is some really great pictures. Not only that, but it's been put to some great songs too. Truly something of great quality. I personally liked it, and the fact that the majority of the submission was with good artistic ability it really added to the whole expierence. For the most part a great submission.


Great song. Most of the drawings were exolent(sorry about the spelling).Some parts made me laph.(some need to work on thier drawings) overall good movie.

dude :(

this is a very cool callab but why did u notput mine in there my pic i spend haed on i hope i get into number 2 oh wait! i am lol thanks

bjmdtcjw responds:

I do not understand what you are trying to say.

I love it.

In the seemingly endless stream of bad-quality Art Collabs, this certainly is a gem. The idea is pretty basic, yet it's actually come out as a very artistic and entertaining piece.

A majority of the graphics are amazing. Most collabs seem to be letting in just any old pictures but this one has some of the best. There are no particular ones I would comment on, they're all very good. I very much wish I had been part of this.

The style is good; it's simple which somehow makes it seem overly better. The clouds also added extra value to it.

I really liked the song. It was great you could find one so relevent to the movie, and still funny and interesting to listen too. Would you happen to have the name of it?

Violence was at a minium, which is good in my opinion. Had there been random pictures of killing throughout the film I would have probably given it a much lower rating; I feel that sort of thing really degrades stuff like this.

There's nothing really to sat about the interactivity, other than it was good you had a seperate button for the credits.

The real humor came from the song. Other than that there were no really funny submissions. I don't think that comes as much of a problem though, the finished product is still good.

This a great work. It's a definite number one on my list of favourites, and that's saying something seeing as Ii have nearly two hundred of them. Good luck with all futre work, I hope this gets into the Art Collab Collection.

bjmdtcjw responds:

Thanks so much. Everyone feels good inside when they get good reviews. The only bad thing about it is it hasn't been put in the Art Forum Collabs Section. Oh, if you liked this, there's a second one coming soon. Everyone has started falling into the ocean. You can join that, too. It is in the Art Forum section (duh), called Falling From the Sky collab 2.