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GG- Dumpster hentai

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http://z6.invisionfree.co m/GlockGroup/index.php?ac t=idx

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sweet goat

this is pornography for my creative inner fetus.

good show you all, and may the wallows be happy with tears

SalmonBerryClock responds:

your inner fetus is a sexy sexy man.

how sad

how sad this world is when you can associate something as pure and innocent as bert from sesame street with the same weapon [the infamous glock 19 50 caliber automatic with its 38 round clip] that has time and time again murdered innocents across teh globe

why not change your groups name to somethign that is not associated with violence??????????? maybe you should seriously consider how much the useage of such angry icons as the gun contribute to the evils of this world and make amends for your implementation of this heinous killing device in your films seriously people die because of these thigns and the image of bert holding the weapon in his hands is shocking and disruptive!!!!!!!!!!!!! what if a kid saw this he would assume that because bert has a gun it is okay for him to have one to and that is just wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i dont know why americans are so obssessed with guns but if they dont get with the rest of the world and enter the 21st century by disarming all the gun nuts [by force if need be[ the world is willing to turn its back on america and its uncivilised ways enough is enough


SalmonBerryClock responds:

Capital letters go at the beginning of sentences. Folded up coat hangers go up your anus. A glock goes on Bert's chest. It's just the rules of life, sorry mang.

Haha. Only teh winz because of the 1337 hum0r!

Hey bert i'm thinking of a number between 1 and 1337. Nice LEET reference ^_^

SalmonBerryClock responds:

^_^ i no its kul and 1337 and kawaii ^__________^

how come?

groups like you.and like..uzi union..

...dont you get bored? ..i mean making ..well basicly just random flashes about nothing?

whats it all for? lol. oh well. Long live un-origonality.

SalmonBerryClock responds:

:...dont you get bored? ..i mean making ..well basicly just random flashes about nothing?
Well its kind of hard for you to say that seeming you've never made any kind of Flash let alone one as fun to make as mine.

Awsome intro

Hey the intro was awesome, with the storm and stuff, but the fast is just spiraling down to a pile a....

SalmonBerryClock responds:

Hey kid, you like candy?