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Purplenum: Survival

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www.omglaserspewpew.com now open!!!

Check out Purplenum: Survival 2 in my profile now!

HOLY CRAP! Frontpage and daily 3rd :o This is the greatest moment in my online-life! 3 years I have been trying to get here, thanks SOOOOO much to whoever put it here! You are my god =p

Just stay alive for as long as you can! You must avoid the dangers of spaceships, grenades, goons on segways and much more!


There is now:
-Purplenum: Training
-Purplenum: Dodge
-Purplenum: Survival

The main game will be called Purplenum and will not be out until late this year, including 3D fps levels, platform levels, puzzles and more!

Thanks to xSunkai for the bad guy that shoots lasers from his eye.

www.mooseisloose.co.uk for more of my flash work!

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How do you get passed the 10 guy?

Quite unique

I am always looking for new and unique games to play on this website and this fit the bit quite well! The animation made it seem like it was made by gel. This is not to say that you were not creative in your own right. This is a game where you simply can not defend yourself and only have to hide. The cool thing is that everything in the game comes in a pattern that you can come to recognize. The place I really got lost was the purple alien with eye beams.

In case anyone else is having trouble with that guy, here's what you do. Crouch directly in front of him because his beams can hit you twice and kill you. I have no idea if the platform disappeared on its own or whether it was caused by me getting the health powerup. There could have been some more detail, but still very playable. After awhile, there come a wide variety of guys after you.


I always loved mooseisloose.co.uk
But since a little time when i went to the site i get into a animal site without any games.
Its all serious stuff and about buying things :S

Nice Game

All you have to do is survive and onslauhgt of different sorts of enemies as they attack you in either swarms or one on one.
The beat is very hipping and sounds good, the graphics are nice and crisp and the movement is decent.
The enemies can be memorised so that you can position yourself so they can't get you and wait them out.
One complaint is that there is a lack of levels, more levels would be welcomed very much and also they would give it a bit of variety.
Decent game, worth playing.


if there was an offense thing it would be great.

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3.84 / 5.00

May 13, 2007
3:54 PM EDT