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Live Life

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This is my first submission to NG. i put alot of heart into this submission. it's based on real events which happened recently. Just remember, keep moving forward!

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i love it!

this has helped me at least once. and i think it has helped others. great work keep it up.

MatticusMaximus responds:

oh wow, people are STILL watching this video long after i submitted it! im glad it helped you. suprised you found it, i figured it was buried under layers and layers of flash animations... but thanks for watching!

yeah baby!!!!!!!!!!

that flash is easily one of the best i have seen on this site for quite a while!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the point is great
live life now instead of moping over all the crap that pops in from time to time and letting that ruin your world sure its sad that the dude had his love leave but obladee obladaaaah life goes on whether you do or not so get out there and enjoy the weenie dogs and happy trees


MatticusMaximus responds:

haha, thanks. we can learn much from the beatles and weenie dogs.

nice one

that was a nice animation.... and good efforts for a first animation as well. it was also quite nice since it was based off of real events and not just a random idea to it. this one had some pretty nice graphics in them, cool choice of audio, and it was nice to watch. good work on this one... hope to see more flashwork from you in the future.

MatticusMaximus responds:

much obliged.

A really great flash.

The graphics were ok, haven't that kind of style before so you get some special points for that, sound was good for the flash. Over all it was great.
A while back when I was younger I felt sad because somebody left my life. After awhile I kinda just thought I should just live life and not let the lonelyness consume me. I wish I saw this flash back then..

MatticusMaximus responds:

lonelyness can be harsh. but as long as you press forward, it cant consume you for long.

Absotlutly incredible...

...For a first submission, i love the style and the perfect shade the backround is.

MatticusMaximus responds:

thanks, i try to appeal, while still conveying my feelings properly. heh