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Screwdriver was originally made for a 30 hour collab, sadly I broke my ankle and could not finish it, so it was not in the colab. Now, I decided to submit what I had on my alt, and I understand it isn't my best. But please view this all before you vote, and enjoy.

I also respond to all reviews.

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That was Cool

That was pretty cool. The graphics looked cool and ran really smoothly. The music was pretty good, too; pretty ominous and fit the flash very well. I thought the flash overall feels quite professional nad has good production quality.

Overall, enjoyable and well-made!

~ Z
~ Review Request Club

possibly-yodd responds:

Thanks, more might be on the way.


^^Good Points^^
This was a pretty cool movie in terms of the graphics. The black/white objects overlapping each other created a pretty cool effect, and overall the animations were smooth and interesting to watch. The music complimented this nicely.

^^Needs Improving^^
Just seems a little scattered to me. Not really a theme to anything in here, just random animations.

Review Request Club

possibly-yodd responds:

If I could think of an idea I would get a plotline, but I suck right now :3.


A good start

Aside from the fact that this makes my eyes water, this is a nice start at a fbf animation.

I think on occasion you've drawn the lines of the arms so that it's a closed arm, which doesn't seem to work for me. It only lasts for a split second, but it's there and as a perfectionist, I'm against that.

The colour changes are neatly done and now you've worked the abstract crazyness angle of a flash, why not make it into something more substantial, like a story about screwdriver, for example?

[Review Request Club]

possibly-yodd responds:

I want to make a larger flash, maybe with a story, a better title, etc. But I am lacking ideas with this animation...

Thanks for the review.

Not Bad

There was some good FBF here but it all was the same shape doing something, it got boring after a while. Also colouring in would be good as well, it just takes a lot of effort to do so.

Graphics weren't the best because it was mostly just an outline with the brush tool but they did a few cool things which was good. The parts with the square, black and white things were good too. The music suited perfectly.



-Review Request Club

possibly-yodd responds:

Thanks ^_^ and as I mentioned earlier, tis visual tests + missed collab part. So I wasn't really expecting anything good to come of it. Maybe SOME DAY I can finish one of my big projects... maybe.

Thanks for the review.


i liked it.. overall very good... my favorite part is the guy shankin everyone though.... prison shank from a toothbrush, ftw!

possibly-yodd responds:


GENIOUS, I WILL NAME THE FULL ONE TOOTHBRUSH. No, i won't. keep in tune for the full one though.

Credits & Info

4.04 / 5.00

May 11, 2007
8:18 PM EDT