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DodgeBall V2 *Demo*

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Author Comments

I'm back. Long time since i didnt submitted anything. But well, i wanted to continue my old project and there it is, fresh new Dodgeball.

This one is a game based on the rythm of the music. It's a demo version because there is only one song. You can expect a full version soon enough. If you got any recommendation about a music to add, write it in your review, ill check it out.

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I realise this is not a finished version (from your description) but the music is terrible. It's so loud and sounds like a low quality recording. I know you say the game is based on the rhythm but I would much prefer to play this game with no music at all. The game itself is not a bad idea, it is intense when you start getting loads of enemy balls everywhere.


I was always a huge fan of the first one (played it until my eyes started to go screwy) and this is great. I think you definitly softened it up alot, like making the box alot bigger, i think u should make the area smaller personally. And i liked how there were grades and stuff in the first one. Not a time limit. And those difficulties are not like the first one. Overall i think the first one is better. But one thing that would be really cool is if you could make a "Turn off Music" option.

Overall a sweet sequel and really looking forward to real version.

Jey123456 responds:

well, thank you for the review.

About the differences between the first one and this demo that youve stated, most of them are simply in another game mode (endurance) witch wasnt in this demo.

for the smaller area making it smaller woudnt be a great idea according to my test, since some music have so much balls at one time that it would be impossible to manage lol.

Just so you dont worry about the real one, it still in progress (i dont have as much time as i would like to) but well, ill finish it someday.

Here is a sneakpeak on the different gameplay mode i came up till now:
- Survival mode: you must survive to the whole music with a setted ammount of life.
- Endurance mode: you must survive as long as possible (kinda like the first version of this game)
- Suicidal mode: you must DIE as fast as possible.

I really hope to finish up the full version soon, but i cant promise anything, since im starting university soon, (dont know how much free time ill have lol)

Nice Game

I am surprised this is only a demo. Awesume game just alittle too hard. It fit the movie perfectly. Great job. Keep them coming.

Jey123456 responds:

Thanks for the review, But yea, its only a demo, the full version should be out very soon tho, I still have a few AI's bug to fix (as well as some performance issue). What you can expect for the full version are:

Completely remade graphics (same style)
Way more musics.
More modes
Top scores
More type of different enemies (some of them being "intelligent")
Much more.

Very good

That was amazing, good fit on the music. But you should work on your grammer...

Jey123456 responds:

Hehe, yea, i know, i was so eager to get the demo out, that i kinda rushed the "tutorial" and the menu.

But no worry, the real version wont have as much grammar errors (can't guarantee it will be perfect tho) .

Thx for the great score, and I hope you'll like the full version.

great game

i loved it its like this is too easy then SURPRISE! out of nowhere come like 20 dodgeballs btw: many people like my songs use them if you wanto some people have downloaded some because of there great quality

Jey123456 responds:

Hehe, happy that you liked it. I checked your song, Brother Louie is now in my to add folder lol.
I did like most of them, but Brother Louie, is the one that i could see how the game would go .

Lets hope i get much free time lol, because if i do, the full version will be out sooner than expected

Credits & Info

3.95 / 5.00

May 10, 2007
5:04 PM EDT