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NinjaMaster Mission 2

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This movie is a somewhat follower to the first one. It's uncompleted of the reason that the sound plays earlier then it should, making it sound really wierd. I have tried much, but with few success. This movie should be put on quality medium due, a scene with high lag and don't get so angry about the sound. :D

Anyway. It contains 3D, fights, humor and good graphic (I guess :P). I hope you enjoy the movie and you should be able to visit www.rainther.com for more information. If the site is kinda... Uncompleted it's my fault, a combibed version of lazyness and Warcraft had created it. So... Enjoy the movie and give a nice review!

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good all for the flash and one nagative point to the sound
the next time fixed up ok?

Without sounds...

It could be better... anyway nice 3D effects.


Great job but how did you do the 3d?

You must tell me! :D


Madness + 3D = Frontpage Material

Awesome, the 3D is superb, and the action is brilliant.

However, you could still do a few things with it:
Add sound - it would enrich the animation a lot.
Speed up the action - In some places it seems a little slow.
Make sure it flows - A few bits of it don't run into eachother too well, make sure that everything runs at the same speed, apart from slowmo bits.


Really good, but you should add sounds! It will be much interesting with them