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Messy Mice

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Author Comments

Hey everyone! My friend and I have been working on this game for a while now, and we're glad to announce that it's almost completed!

Now the reason we submitted it to Newgrounds is that we need feedback. This is a demo, only 10 levels are avaible, but I hope you can enjoy it.

Please leave constructive criticism, and enjoy!

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you can easy cheat if u haz touch screen

Nice ideia, but...

Hi, I liked the game, I enjoy this kind of simple concept that many times grab the players to a game, but this game has a big issue. "Easy Cheating..." So look to a level and memorize the end spot, so now click start make ctrl-tab and go to another window...move the mouse to the end point that you memorize without having the focus in the game, so now make ctrl-tab again and you are already at the end spot if you have a good visual memory...bad isnt it?


Generally, mouse-avoidance and maze games irritate me -- I've never had a mouse go PRECICELY where I was moving it to. Be they ball or optical, things go wrong and they stick and/or jump. Bearing that in mind, your collision detection appears to be forgiving -- not triggering until the whole dot goes over the line.

It looks nice. The 'START' and 'END' buttons are nicely textured, and the maze walls aren't bland. As far as maze difficulty, you'll have to talk to someone else. My mouse apparently needs cleaning again. :(

General agreement

Yeah, I think you need to ease up for the first few levels.

The concept is proven and the execution was good though.

Further note, the moving background does make the game stutter somewhat, also makes it harder to judge the velocity of the pointer. Lighten it up and only use it on later levels perhaps?


It would be a fun game, but the demo is annoying. Don't make the background move because it lags the game, and make the first level easier. I couldn't get very far because it was too hard.

I do think you guys can get a pretty fun game out of the idea though.

I can't vote on the side right now (they think i am cheating the system by going overtime) but I would give the demo a 3 right now...

I'll be waiting for the final version.

Credits & Info

3.76 / 5.00

May 9, 2007
9:42 PM EDT