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Lion Dressup!

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Wow. Another dressup game. This time, it's a lion. Sound, a cool background, and ANIMATED items. Wow, I outdid myself. Again, this isn't as good as some dressup games, but hey, at least I'm trying, right? Oh well, I don't expect you to give me 5s, but I at least hope you enjoy my game! :D

Oh, and review with constructive criticism, please.

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energy ball mouth on forehead


idk wat to vote its kinda funny but none of the outfits or mouths or glasses even fit on the lion but its still an-i guess alrite game i spare mercy on thou lol jk 6

Hey, guess who this is? =D

Nice dress-up, the music was nice but didn't seem to fit the Lion thing.
Also, the energy ball-throwing mouth thing fit weirdly on the lion, only one that did. The moving-tongue just seemed weird....

You should have more hair and eyes/glasses/shades like in the Hippo dress-up.

I obviously put high scores on everything, but w/e, it's a nice game! =D


Wasn't bad, although it could have been better. Not enough selection, the graphics weren't the best, altohugh I did somewhat like the style. The moving pieces were cool, too. Overall, pretty average. Put more time and effort into your submissions next time.


lol, nice selection, lol. I gave you a low graphx score, but dont get me wrong, with this game it makes it the all funnier xD

Just keep working on ur skillz bruddah

white-darkness1 responds:

Yeah. My friends gave me some ideas for another dressup. I'm gonna extend the size more, so I can have more items. I'm thinking a Gazelle would be funny.