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Happy Birthday X-Naut

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Happy Birthday, X-Naut! I worked non-stop on this today so that I could submit it on the exact day of your Birthday. If it seems a little bit rushed, sorry about that. I was in a hurry to get it done by today. Either way, I hope you guys enjoy this short tribute.

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Not bad at all

I really liked watching the clocks going around, talking about their lives and having casual conversation with each other. I liked the birthday cake and the designs were pretty good too.

How fortunate I would stumble onto this merely a few days before Clock Day while viewing a highly rated Clock flash that wasn't submitted on Clock Day. Have a good day and good birthdays for you forever!


+good art
+OK animation
+ good sound, nice and clear speaking, good music- but didnt the voices get mixed up towards the end? that was kinda confusing.
+funny. Poor old Xnaut the best thing that happended to him on his birthday was that people eventually remembered his name!

-would be better with full credits eg sound/music. Maybe just put in a button to one screenfull.

Happy Birthday, X-Naut from the Dragons & Spirits

Well, I do hope X-naught did have a good birthday.

This was pretty good. I liked the name-tossing at the end. I take it our friend had multiple accounts? LOL