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Sonic Halo

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I like Sonic and Halo so I did this little short as my little tribute to them. It is a remake of the Halo 2 opening with Sonic characters. I did this when I didn't feel like working on my other flash movies, eventually it became a big project. I don't consider this to be my best work since I rushed a few scenes and the fact that its just a remake, but its still good.
I hope you all enjoy the movie! :)

I decided not to do a part 2.

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This was a nice little nostalgia trip. I think this is what got me into Halo.

Nice :D

Thank you so much for keeping this animation here. I'm sure this was a fun little project for you, but it's an absolute nostalgia trip for me. If you ever happen to peek back at this upload, thank you.

Dudeeeeee, this hit my nostalgic years. Halo has been a big part of my life, almost as much as Sonic! Heck, I even own some of the guides and book manuals!

Aside from my nostalgic speaking, per-say, this animation was really well done! Outstanding and amazing! To also even imagine Sonic characters replacing the specific scene(one that I personally think is important to the entire Halo series), was outstanding, especially on the way you sorted the characters their roles.