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Frank Dude Ep.7

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O.K. There are no sound effects because I'm not using them in my movies because they mess up my talking. And this is episode 7 where zombies come in and steal Frank Dude's Girlfriend...again...

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Kinda funny but...

The voice acting is fuck awful. Improve it just a bit, please.


yay for safety of cows pies and also dancing!

I love the sersi

I love the frank dude seris keep it up and as a lot of people said b4 maybe some jobs would be a good idea like maybe a mercenery or somthing.


Awesome as always.

Two suggestions:

1. Frank Dude should have a job of somesort.

2. Frank Dude should be in trouble with the law XD


Once again...

You did an awesome job! I really like how you're involving us the viewers into your movies. Or could it be that you're just too lazy to come up with your own ideas? (0_o) Oh well, that doesn't matter! Keep up the great work!

My idea: Pie Friend betrays Frank Dude by getting together with his girlfriend. Maybe he lets her eat him constantly and he constantly regenerates? But whatever, that's my two cents. Again...