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MK vs. SF 3

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MK vs SF 3. See part 2 if you haven't. Most likely the final one of the series.

- you can play with the symbols in the load screen
- graphic intensive
- best viewed with IE (than Firefox)

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For anyone wondering what the theme song playing in the background is, it's Hall of Fate from Tekken 5 Dark Resurrenction

This looks pretty good and really nostalgic, never though someone could do an animation like this one back in 2007, godlike <3 :)

Who has loved this animation should know that there is a game project that is working to make a complete game based on this animation I leave the link for those interested in trying it out, I clarify I am not the creator I am just a fan looking for this game be recognized for how wonderful it is

Man I loved this movie as 9 years old and I still enjoy it as a 20-year-old but now the whole series is hilarious too because of the cheesy undertones. I

At before 11:30 left, is that the portal Akuma used to save Ryu in MK vs SF 2?

At about 7:35 left, what are those faces in the background?

Like The Danger signs! They were in MKSF 2

The movement of the background when Akuma was being hit around was pretty good!

Nice fireflies, Akuma shaking by trying to get up. nice stars too!

You did good with limited and high quality pixelations.

The sky shot of Akuma on the bridge was a little awkward.