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MK vs. SF 3

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MK vs SF 3. See part 2 if you haven't. Most likely the final one of the series.

- you can play with the symbols in the load screen
- graphic intensive
- best viewed with IE (than Firefox)

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Just as good as I remembered from 13 years ago. I'm so glad that so many people are doing their best to preserve these pieces of internet history, Newgrounds included! <3

So where did you get the sprites for Chameleon from out of curiosity?

For anyone wondering what the theme song playing in the background is, it's Hall of Fate from Tekken 5 Dark Resurrenction

This looks pretty good and really nostalgic, never though someone could do an animation like this one back in 2007, godlike <3 :)

Who has loved this animation should know that there is a game project that is working to make a complete game based on this animation I leave the link for those interested in trying it out, I clarify I am not the creator I am just a fan looking for this game be recognized for how wonderful it is