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FF: Battle for Newgrounds

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Author Comments

The first in what will be a series of sprite movies based on Final Fantasy by me.


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Here's the title for the Choboco battle.

Final fantasy 7 - Choboco Battle Theme


IMA GIVING UP lol i love that part it is soo funny like a shoop da woop does the opossite thing as fighting with IA FRING MAH LAZOR

so-so neat idea

Not too bad,
gotta take out some points for ff7 music being used in another flash *sry I've heard it so many times its lost meaning and just annoying when I hear it in a flash"
and a meh ending but still creative idea will watch sequel.

NG randomness

XD imma firen my lazor risits physical and magic lol! U should put in more chars in or people that join in the party :P