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PSD - The Google Search

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Portal Splode Day Bitches!

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By all that is good and wonderful in the world, you sir, are a god among flash creators. Not the best of animating, and the rare slow framerate was positively annoying. But you pulled it off, you captured me... you made me escape to another world and feel like I was part of it. I was anxious to see what happened next, I was broken when he lost her, and ending with the lamp in the sand...... I want to see more. I want to see an entire series, maybe even a full length movie.... I don't want you to work too hard or stress yourself out, but good god.... I love your style, your fluidity, your overall flash ability. If it were possible to hug you and congratulate you with a pat on the back and a firm handshake... I would. I will be watching you now... you have made me your fan in under five minutes. Keep it up..... I can't wait to see the next one.

Heh, swell.

Most of the PSD flashes have, in my humble opinion, kinda sucked so far, but this one was a happy exception.

Graphics: 6. Meh. Not the best, but not bad. Could use some Digimon Lesbians. :-/

Style: 9. Good to see someone put in some effort for their PSD flash...

Sound: 5. That fucking emo song, when used properly, is always good for laughs. I remember I was part of an Emo Dog Collab once that never went through, and that was my song choice, heh.

Violence: 4. Poor lil guy. Can't really blame him, I've felt the same frustration at the lack of Human-Pokemon porn on Google...

Interactivity: 0. Movie, none.

Humor: 9. This is where your movie shines. That was fucking hilarious, and makes up for any other flaws in the flash.

Overall: 9. That was a swell flash.

How to improve: Try and convince yer buddies to put a tad bit more funny into their flashes, heh.

kenny responds:

thanks man :D

I never though it would happen

But I loved one of the KK movies.This is fucking hilarious. Awesome work y'all.


It's sick, pointless and dum. The olny thing i did like was the music.

Hehe google!

Quite funny !
But it was looking like a loop...
Try to make it a litlle longer and no loop.

Overal rating 6 sow it wasn't stupid or somthing!

kenny responds:

It's not a loop. You'll know when it's done. He shoots himself, then it ends.

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4.09 / 5.00

May 6, 2007
9:26 AM EDT