Mr Mucky

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Mr Mucky is forging money and using it to pay for sessions with a dominatrix....but he soon gets his come uppance when she realises his scam.


Sinister but good

The graphics were pretty good and looked a bit like those used for the cartoons on tv to advertise and sell a point of view. I guess when you are a dominatrix getting paid in monoploy money simply gets you pissed off. The moral lesson is don't counterfeit, earn your own money then worry about how to use what's left on stuff you need rather than pissing a dominatrix or sex person off with false money.

The song was also pretty cool and I actually enjoyed it and the music video. Wonder what the name of the dominatrix was? Oh well, a very nicely done flash, although it's got a little bit nudity in it. It was pretty good.

Nice job on the song and video.

nice one

that was a pretty cool... and somewhat strange animation. the whole dominatrix thing has always eluded me... but its still quite original as i'm not sure if i've seen any animations with that as its base. the characters were pretty cool, nice graphics and design, cool audio and it offered some pretty cool entertainment.
nice work on this one.

it was great

It was just dark humored enough,my type of comedy.
If I had seen any man penis I wouldve hated it.

twisted, strange, and WAY out there...

and i loved every second of it. great art, slick animation, and a great song to boot
loved it!

I really enjoyed this

The song is great and the animation is slick.
Brilliant work! Would love to see more!

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3.56 / 5.00

May 5, 2007
3:35 PM EDT
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