600Volt B Ball

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Hey everyone this is the second game from 600voltgames.com, we're pretty new so come check us out, this game is a little gadget we put together that you can have fun with, so enjoy.

INSTRUCTIONS - use the mouse to fling the ball around and use the control panel to change the settings


Very nice. I love a game I can cheat at.

The key to getting infinate points in a big hurry? Set gravity to about -0.1, so the ball drifts upwards. Set bounciness to -9.71445, so the ball essentially stays wherever it hits, like a magnet.

Once it's there, the gravity will read "1.38777". This is weird, but it works.

this flash was good...

but it was really short there is only soo much that you can do with a basket ball... i did like that u put the featurs 0 gravity and pin down they made it more funn... but i agree with the other person you should do the challenges

Fairly addicting, but a bit too simplistic.

I like these games where you can control physics and what not, but there really should be some challenges, like getting __ points in _:__ time. Otherwise, its nothing more than a minute waster.

But good job on what WAS done.

Fun gadget.

I found it more fun to avoid trying to shoot baskets (it was a little too hard to get the trajectory right) and to just mess around with the physics. It's fun putting the bounce over 1.0 and watching it increase in height with each bounce. XD

*Stuff to work on*
The ball has a tendency to bounce around at extreme rates, even when on a normal setting, so tune that a little. Fix the little glitches, like the reversed friction.


you are a genius

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May 5, 2007
11:33 AM EDT
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