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End Women's Suffrage!

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Author Comments

Random faggot:
...to make your right wing sexism look badass, you live in a fantasy world my good man. i can't even watch your no talent flash slideshows, just pieces of them before i turn them off, i might just organise some friends to vote 0 on you daily. eat shit you hate monger, see you in the obits.

Most women don't even know what it is. They are too stupid to know their own rights, save the right to arrest a man after he satisfies your rape fetish, and they want more, more, more? Is it just me, or do all girls sound like two-dollar hoes - by which I mean when you knock her out with chloroform, that's all she has in her thong.

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I loved the first one.

I am a woman, and I believe women should have rights, but it angers, no, enrages me that woman have become so bitchy in the last decade. Anyone who would call the police because someone said "fuck" is an idiot who deserves to die. Anyone. Men can be like this to, you pussy hungry son of a bitch. Also, anyone who refers to women as "sluts" makes me angry. Their are sluts in the world, but that doesn't mean you have the right to serotype all women into the category of, "slut". I am not a slut, and I make it my personal duty to not appear to be one. In fact I see more male sluts the I do female sluts. This is possible. And are men so concerned of people questioning their masculinity that they
feel like they need to not give women rights? Are you kidding me? Men make a big enough point of themselves and their penises in everything! Sports, politics, crime, existence, molestation! The list goes on!
Nonetheless, I found the first entry humorous and amusing, and I fell off my computer stool laughing. Thank you for uploading this video, try and re-upload it with better sound quality. Thank you, asswipe.
By the way, please be more selective about who is a stupid bitch and who isn't, because if you go around calling every woman you meet, "Slut," you will be hated by everyone you meet. And you mother is a whore. X3

All of those stars represent the balls it took...

...to make a flash like this. Women should have equal rights to men, but I always encourage people to voice their opinion. I'm pretty sure that no credibly intelligent person would side with your argument, but it's good to see that you don't let this discourage you from expressing your sexist, bigoted opinion. Way to go!

We'll start from the top, shall we?

First off, you're an idiot.

Alright then, moving on...

Regarding your submission, purely on the basis of a submission: The picture was awful, and you had a framerate as slow or slower than that of some security camera videos; I mean seriously, it's actually more of fast slideshow than an actual video.
Beyond the video, the audio sucked. If anyone can make out what is being said at the beginning of the second video, please don't tell me: it made my ears bleed just with the sound, the content might do away with me.

Now, the content: You argue that because some grade-school aged girls are unfamiliar with the term suffrage, we should end women's' suffrage.
You mutter incomprehensibly to a crappy camera, trick a few young girls (while, you are on track for your life goal of being a low-rate sexual assaulter, maybe even a statutory rapist), and you think that that is the basis for a social change.
Then, to put the finishing touches on what is undeniably an immaculate argument (by the way, that was sarcasm, look it up), you put on an equally crappy photo with an even WORSE framerate of some lunatic throwing around curse words in front of an audience laughing at what I certainly hope they perceive as his idiocy.

After watching your video (that last statement was irony... really, you should have a dictionary open), I promised my brain that I would never subject it to such an awful assault again. Please, for all of our sakes, get your balls cut off (again, irony with a mix of sarcasm, in reference to your balls) so that you don't infect the world with your idiocy.

In closing, you're an idiot, and your pathetic excuse for a -- I hate to call it a video, but it doesn't even deserve the term submission -- sucks. Pure and simple.

Oh, right, I forgot, if I rate low I'm supposed to give constructive criticism, so here you go:
Don't ever even think about posting anything, anywhere, ever again. Trust me, your submissions will be much better for it.

To everyone who is not the author, and has yet to subject themselves to this crap: Just vote 0 and save yourself from a painful experience. Life is too short to listen to the ramblings of idiots, especially when they're too much of idiots to work a camera correctly, so you can't really listen in the first place.

In closing, to the author: You're an idiot. Grow up (seriously, you're how old, 11?) and don't ever, ever have children.

P.S. I like the plan of the person that you put in your comments. I'm going to see what I can do to drop your batting average as low as possible. Cheers!


I'm surprised that you haven't been institutionalized.
You've gone completely from being opinionated to having me worry that you are a rapist.

You have a completely general view on what women are. just because some women are "sluts" not all women are. That being said. the reason why women do have the rights given to them is because of females not having rights at all.

men like you want to see women have no mind whatsoever, serving at your feet because you fear being outdone by a woman at any level. You should perhaps have a little bit of thought on what taking away women's suffrage might do. that would make women slaves, less then slaves, because if you take away their rights you leave them with nothing to say or do.

Now, let me inform you sir. Women DO NOT have a rape fetish. i hope you know that rape does more to a woman then just break her body, it hurts her so badly that even when the man who did it to her is behind bars, she can't even look at another man without fearing he's going to do the same to her. Being in a relationship after getting raped is hard. i'm worried you cannot differentiate between rape, and sex. rape is when the woman does not want sex. she will often times tell the person raping her no, stop... and as such people like you turn up thinking that the woman enjoys being used, and the tears she has on her face is because she loves it so much.. i'm sorry but you make me sick. i feel like i should wash my hands of you and forget about this video. you disgust me.

Your flash video was entirely one sided, and not all women do not know their rights. If you are beyond the age of 12 mentally perhaps you might understand that.

this video is getting a 0 because the videos were choppy sounding, and they were absolutely offensive to me. if i knew where you lived i would tell the cops to watch out for you because you obviously have bad intentions toward women...

You know. . .

. . . it's allright to be gay. You don't have to go on hate rants about women all the time.

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May 5, 2007
1:13 AM EDT