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D-Day: Juno Beach

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Author Comments

It is about D-Day from the Canadian perspective. The Canadians only participated in Juno Beach, and this is what the flash focuses on.

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its ok

good job!!!!!!! I looked at one of the comments and you said that this was your first flash. well ive never made a flash before so maybe we could create one together :) anyway maybe yes you could have some quotes about this from soldiers who have been through and maybe make it more violent and bloody ( since its kind of more realistic). and maybe you could have someone in the video wo has been through this. you dont have to do what I tell you they are just ideas. hopefully that helped. the song was good though. maybe you could make an omaha beach or the beach that the british went on or whatever. with regards,

Unfinished work you say?

I know it's hard to have a good piece of art work put together in one simple flash.
Story paste was very slow and confusing. All you need is someone to help you. With team work you can double up your chance of making a good flash.

rough- borderline protect

I don't think it told us much and the flash animation was very crude but at least it wasn't just a slide show of photo's , which I WOULD have bl@mmed.
There's a lot you could do to improve it, whether it gets through this time or not-
You could put in a map to show where Juno was. You could give some stats of troops involved. You could tell us more about the Canadian contribution to WW2 and maybe about when they joined in, who made the decision etc.
Maybe get someone you know who can do a good naration-
"In 194? Canadian prime Minister @@@@@ @@@@, declared war on the Axis forces and joined @@@@ in their plans to Invade Axis controlled Europe. It was agreed they would take part in the landing at @@@@ codenamed Juno..."

To make it really ace material, you could show pix of a WW2 graveyard afterward; a canadian WW2 war memorial in Canada, tell us something of the Canadian perspective looking back now.
You could put a Canadian flag in there somewhere, maybe in the animation.
Did the Canadians use any of their own vehicles or tanks? If so, pics of them might be cool.
Also, put in full credits for pictures at the end and maybe some links to other sites for more info, such as the appropriate Wiki pages.
If you want to score high for interactivity and have the chance to get a few people really interested, then put in plenty of facts, then make a little quiz at the end. See my Birth of an Island documentary, where I have done that.

Take your time. Make this a good one. Canadians should take pride in their part in the downfall of Hitler, us europeans should be grateful for their part in our deliverance.
2/5 with potential 3+ score with improvements.
Best Wishes,

chris7055 responds:

Thank you for this advice, I'll put these in mind when I finish this, and I will put these in mind for future flashes as well ^^.

good reason

It was horrible excep the piuctures.I'v read a lot of books about d-day.Never saw any pictures like thes.verry meaningful.just need to work a little harrder.Love to see it revised.But sorry have to blam.

chris7055 responds:

Haha, no problem, it should've been blammed anyways, because it was unfinished. But keep in mind, that this was my first flash >< ...I'm just learning how to apply techniques correctly..

Good attempt at showing people some history.

It was a good attmept, sadly neither part was perfection. The animation was not the best? And your lesson about Juno beach was not descriptive nor did it have any actual facts. Good Effort.

chris7055 responds:

Haha, I'm gonna finish this soon, and hopefully everyone will be educated ^^

Credits & Info

3.60 / 5.00

May 4, 2007
4:10 PM EDT