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Advanced Battleman

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It's bin a while since I have released a game on NG. This has been a side project of mine for quite some time. Its my first game of this type so of course it won't be perfect. But its a simple start to help me practice in other areas of game making. My main knowledge is in RPG's so this is quite different compared to my other games. Enjoy

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this is one of your best games ;)

very good

the games was realy fun

You have a good start.

Good start, Add on to it, i beat the game twice in 6 minutes o.O Yea, add more stuff and a storyline and you will have yourself a great game.

You've got the basics down...

...But this still needs work. Also, it's hard to recommend when Goblin Heart does most of the things you did, and better.

not bad.. not bad at all..

Good start. But some pointers.. Get someone to help you work on the sprites. Add more to the shop. Get someone to help you with your photoshopped backgrounds. Fix the music.. or at least give credit where it's due for what games you took it from *cough*ff7*cough*

Benspyda responds:

Firstly the music is from the portal so their the ones who give the credit to where the music is from. Yes I need to work on the textures etc. but it is my first time using it in such a way, but thanks for the review.