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Ackbar : That's My Fulp

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Episode 38: Tom Fulp and Wade Fulp talk about an Ackbar collection

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Lol ok it was nice seeing tom and wade, and this was the collection page epsiode nice job there and congrats on the award, I think well deserved.

The flash was short, you should think about adding much more content, making it longer maybe if you dont want to go that rout you could add a combination of short flashes all together, almost like a portfolio of sorts, but you should do more then just have a really short toon and nothing else.



Nice to see something different from the normal Ackbar flashes for once. Graphics were so-so, the background was pretty well done, and the voice acting was pretty awesome, assuming it was supposed to sound so fake.

Also, assbar :F

Heh that was dirty on Tom's part.

That was some funny stuff especially at the end what Tom did by naming it "Assbar" you two make a great team on flash i must say so this deserves a 10. =)


I just loved the ending and I'm a fan of that's my fulp.
This is definetly my favorite Ackbar episode.


One of the best episodes so far! Getting the staff in on this whole thing was a great idea, lmao, hillarious. The graphics and animation are both smooth and simple as well. Keep up the great work!