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Pico of the Dark Ages

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Help Pico battle it out in the Dark Ages against the Evil Dark Wizard Allucardis and his vast Army of UberGoths!

If you need help with the bosses, Revoo has posted some strats on the last page of the reviews. They should make the bosses a piece of cake. Good luck!!

**!*! UPDATE 4.0 !*!**
After hearing that enough people were taking issue with the following, now Pico no longer takes a small amount of damage when blocking, and the bosses attack power has been cut in half. Enjoy!

**!*! UPDATE 3.0 !*!**
Holy crap!!! Daily Second! Thank you so much for your support everyone!!

**!*! UPDATE 2.0 !*!**
Bugs with the hero 's health and lives have been fixed, and you can choose whether you want to start a new game or continue at the beginning of a previous stage. UberGoths now have a 10% less chance of blocking. Bosses remain as difficult as ever, Muahahaha!!!

**!*! UPDATE 1.0 !*!**
Front Page!! 4.0 score!! WOOHOO!!! Thank you sooo much everyone!! I'm so glad you're enjoying my game!


Movement: Arrow keys
Attack: 'A'
Block: 'S'
Strong Attack: 'D'

**Warning!** This game may appear too difficult, but keep in mind that each of the three bosses have a pattern. Find the pattern, and they're easy!

Have fun, it's my first full blown (completed... ahem...) game, all in AS 2.0 Object Oriented Programming. Please PM me if you find any bugs!

Very special thanks to the following:

Andy Schlossberg: For the code help and support.

Tom Fulp and friends: For keeping Newgrounds amazing for ten years! Happy Birthday Tom!

Edgen: You make amazing music!! I'm so glad I found your work at the NG Audio Portal!

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Some cheap hit-detection with the boar and the eye-lasers, but this is still a classic. Hope you're staying safe these days.

Still a classic. I Hope you're doing healthy, bro.

I remember this game from childhood and still love it! Now it took me like 15 minutes to pass the game, including horde.
Yes, the game is so short! I really wanted it much longer, and there are actually only 1 enemy and 3 bosses. I would like to see Pico Of Dark Ages 2!
EDIT: I did it in 7 minutes.

mongoid responds:

That's great, thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

This was my first published game after going back to college to get a degree in programming. I wonder if I still have the source files, would love to see how bad the code was compared to what I do now.

Sorry for the short length, I only had a few weeks to build it for the Pico Day contest in '07.

5/5 Would play again.

Update: I played it again.

But in all seriousness, this is a pretty fun game. Plan on making a Let's play on it!

The art is GORGEOUS! However, if you make a beautiful cupcake and it taste like shit...you're going to be getting a bad rep. If you're going to be making the art that great then you really need to bump up the actionscript coding and make a better fighting system. Art and coding go hand and hand. They should meet each others standards. Making OP bosses is very amateur. I give you three. And that's ONLY for the art!

mongoid responds:

Thanks, I made this 8 years ago when I didn't know much about programming. Good times. :-D