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Zelda: Donut of Reality

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Okay, so I don't think anyone watches this anymore (and if you do please review it or PM me, whatever) but I've sorted out some of the glitch things. Now there really is a character menu. And the bit where Garmai talks to Link is the right size. Enjoy!


You wanted it, you got it! I've made the talking scenes A LOT shorter. Hope you like it (more)

And here we go, this is getting quite annoying, I've written in this box three times in about five minutes because my internet keeps messing up. Not the best connection in the world, anyway, I may as well start (for the third time) by summing up Donut of Reality.

Okay, so Link has just defeated Ganon and everything seems fine when suddenly a creature appears and sends Link into another dimension where everything has...ARMS! Link gets arms to. On his journey to get home he faces multi-coloured hopefully un-copywrited monsters and some kind of super powerful emo.

So why did I make this one?
Well I was in a science lesson bored as can be when I thought:
'This is boring, I know I'll think about something else.'

So I thought about making a new Zelda Flash and then and there the inspiration was born. And here we go...
Hope you like it!

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i liked the armor part the most. and when link came bakc to life that was cool to especially because his heart container became like a goldish color. 11/10

Cosmodious responds:

Hehe, thanks, glad you liked it, 11/10 lol, awesome!


hell yah dude this was FAR better than all your work. this is the center pice and well "arms" hells yah dude there arms. YAY i dont know arms or no arms eater way it was cool. i like how you refrenced the use of the arms in the flash ( kinda like a call back to the hand, the missing one) but hell yah dude good wrok and you deserve my 5 for the night. even thoei 5 the old one evry week.

Cosmodious responds:

Thanks dude, your music went really well with it as well I think but anyway, glad you liked it.


It is really hard to please the masses and especially here on newgrounds where there are so many different thoughts on how a certain flash should be, i think your choice to cut the dialog down was a great one and it shows in your final product. The character designs in this were well done also, i thought that the large teletubbie was awesome and that guy in the blue cape was my favorite. The best thing about this flash for me has to be the swords i thought that they were really well designed for each character. Overall very pleasing, i thought it played a lot better with less words.


Cosmodious responds:

Thanks dude! Glad you liked it and I really hope the big blue thing isn't copywrited but considering what it actually is I don't think anyone would care. Anyway thanks!


I love how the author runs his mouth about spell check to someone who gave his crappy movie a good review, but then over looks "Navi: 'Your' awake." ITS YOU'RE god damn it.
Oh, and I'm awesome. Zero'd

Cosmodious responds:

Actually I know that guy, I would not have done it if I did not. That's why he went on about some other non-Flash related stuff.

Although it is wonderful that you would pay such close attention to detail I have to warn you. Thinking Causes Cancer. Just watch Kensington News.


WEll firstly thanks for crdit nd junk like that secondly... We so have to watch it on mr lockneighn's (if thats how u spell his name) computer.. how uber would that be.. It would be all po... NINJA

Cosmodious responds:

...Umm, there's this handy new thing. It's called a spell checker. Just copy and paste into word and let it work its magic...
Anyway thanks!

Credits & Info

3.83 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2007
2:51 PM EDT