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Ackbar : Quest Saga 1

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Episode 35: The first episode of the quest saga sub-series. This sub-series will feature a continuing story-ling. (these episodes will be scattered throughout the next episodes of ackbar)

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lol Sprites

Haha this was neat being sprites and all that made it differnt and somewhat unique, this one was actually another very short one maybe you ran out of things to say and do but the animation was not too bad.

Subtitles more subtitles and even more subtitles lol


This isn't Ackbar

The jokes are the same, the voices are the same, and the humor is pretty much the same. And hey, it has the classic Ackbar punchline at the end. You're pretty good with these sprites, really good animating and graphics on them.

I liked it.

Though it didn't have Ackbar in it technically it still had his voice and him playing the Final Fantasy game and i had a good laugh from it,it was a nice change. =)



nono no no no

dumb as heck