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A short experimental film I made, trying out some ideas for simplified environments and using inanimate objects as characters.
I put a fair amount of effort into this one so please vote fairly.

1:12 - 1082 frames

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Very Nice

I thought this flash was very good, I actually only found it a few weeks ago though when looking through the recent flash on the N00bNation account.

Anyway, I think the animation for the walking computer is good and the other animation here, very nice and the music also fits well with the animation. Also, the voices are good to, kind of low and fitting with the music, you did well there.

Although you could have maybe added a little more to the background such as a more computerish one with chips and such, it didn't really matter. I thought most of the art was good and smooth. So well done.

Everything worked fine here in my view, keep it up :)



Its not bad

How To Save A Life might not have been the best song choice as it doesnt really match up with the animation. Fairly smooth running. Dont put in as long pauses. Maybe a bit more frequent change of scene would do it good. This has a lot of effort in it. Much better than some of the crap that has come thru the portal lately. Put just a slight more detail into the computers, for example; put dirt marks and bruises on them just to give it more effect. Anyways u got a fair bit of touching up to do although they r only minor and wed have a grade A flash.

CrumpitBoy responds:

I probably won't do anymore work on this as it was intented more to prove a concept to myself.
It turned out well so I decided to put it on the portal. The VO is a bit spaced out 'cos I only decided put that om after I had finished the rest of the flash.


Very original concept...

The animation may be a bit basic, but the plots there, and thats 90% of the work.

Too many bad animations on here by people just making it up as they go along, what 10 minutes planning beforehand could do to loads of content on here.


Good Work

I liked it liked the humor in this movie and the idea was kinda original so keep up the good work!


It's not that bad... but it's from the odd ones. Graphic wasn't bad, sound fitted into it, real voices was used...

CrumpitBoy responds:

Yeh, the amount of speakonia on the portal made me feel like puking. Probably 'cos all the ten year olds out there find thier voices a little more shrill than expected...