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The Toad Lock Show 05

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Hello Lock affecionados!

In this episode of The Toad Lock Show, Cloud and 9-Ball inquire of Toad as to what's become of his girlfriend Pink, who made her first appearance in Episode 4. After a speedy explanation, we find out what truly happened with her, as well as finding out just how deep Glow's fetish towards WoW Orcs runs.

Starring Toadstool Lock, Cloud Lock, 9-Ball Lock, Glow Lock and Pink Lock. Special appearance by Sun Lock.

Featuring the voicing talents of Wonchop as Cloud, and also featuring the combined vocal stylings of Kwana and Renner in the slightly updated Lock Legion intro splash.

See you all in Episode 6!

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I didn't get this part

Hot dog down a hallway?

Great job.

This episode was most funny as hell with Toad Lock's girl troubles then Glow Lock singing at the end also i really liked Wonchop voice acting in here too,overall this was another great episode of the Toad Lock Show and i really enjoyed it. =)

^U^ lol

Thats Funni!
Especially Cloud's So Called Elephant Killin Pink Lock LOL
hahahaha Keep up the good work


Well this turned out very nicely, you were able to keep a consistent level of quality to all areas of the flash and so overall it turned out great. The graphics are good, you were able to design fun looking character designs of the three guys on the couch and the two WoW players, my favorite was glow lock i just thought that glowing aura around him was well animated. My favorite part was at the end when you threw in a team america reference that i have to give you props for because it made me laugh a lot. Overall this was a well drawn and very funny flash.



^^Good Points^^
Definitely a great movie here, I think I will watch the other parts of this series as well. The "hot dog down a hallway" joke was very well placed, and the relationship between glow and pink was pretty hilarious. Strong graphics throughout the entire movie, and overall very nice job on this.

^^Needs Improving^^
I think the sound could have been compressed a bit or something. This is a really big file for the length.

Toadstool-Lock responds:

Yeah, the sound probably could have been compressed. Only thing is with Speakonia, as you compress it, it starts to snap, crackle and pop at your speakers. In this case, I decided to go for quality over load time.