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Thorenzitha - episode 2

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Thorenzitha - the mad perished - episode 2
This game is released one episode at a time.

Instructions/help available in game.

The aim is to find a way through the alien breeding centre alive by shooting creatures infected with a virus that has turned them mad and contacting your shipmates along the way. You cannot go around the building as it is surrounded by many nests.


Game design and programming by Michael J Hall
Tremolo Attack by TheAmateurAnimator
Alien Worlds by TheAmateurAnimator
Eerie Space by Spinewall
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i love it!

its so cool i loved it
but its too hard and no different weps or health pickups, but its fucking sweet and addictive :-D

Shows promise, but needs work.

Graphics: You get points for ambitions design, but then lose them again for making the characters and backgrounds so ugly and boring. You could have rendered better robots than this in Blender or something, or even used actual people. Likewise, the backgrounds are expertly rendered using a what seems like a variety of programs or tecniques, but the end result is the boringest moon base I've ever seen. 10 on the graphical execution. 2 on the design. :/

Style: I really don't know what to say. Everything's so lifeless and drab, but not in a claustrophobic, dystopian, ambiant way. In a first-gen 3D 1998 budget Myst clone kind of way. Your technical mastery tells me you are indeed a professional 3D artist. You just... you need inspiration, or something. You should try to make a statement with these exosuits and space stations. And the statement should not be "no comment."

Sound: That's a pretty decent, soul-tugging ambiance loop you've got there. Unfortunately, like all loops, it gets old fast.

Violence: Them bugs burst nice n' juicy when you step on 'em.

Interactivity: Shooting was good, but it felt painfully, unneccesarily slow between shots. Took me a few beetles to the groin to figure out that I was actually out of ammo, not just lagging.

And god, walking was SUCKFULLY slow. You need to let the player move around freely, especially when the solutions to puzzles are not obvious and require a non-trivial ammount of exploration. I mean the character's as tall as the screen, so he should be able to cross the screen in a second or two.

On the subject of mobility, diagonal walking would have been nice too, but I realize there are technical reasons why this would be difficult to implement.

I gave up looking for the remote, so I didn't see anything past the screen that has the beetle battle in it.

Overall: Resident Evil it ain't. Which is sad, because I think it coulda been. I get the feeling this game was designed in committee. You need to let the gameplay paradigms evolve a little bit more to appease the player.

For one thing, I'd make camera-turning automatic if I were you (again, like Resident Evil) unless there's a good reason why this would hurt gameplay.

And for christ sakes, please double or tripple the walk speed. You can say whatever you want about the gravity on Mars or building suspense, but it won't change the fact that while nobody wants to search every inch of a room tapping Enter, it's even worse when you have to do so at a snail's pace.

Finally, you might want to consider switching to the old mouse-click paradigm for manipulating objects and collecting them. Something about switching from keyboard to mouse, and looking in the upper-right hand corner of the screen, then hitting enter, just felt awkward and uneccessarily complicated.

I hope you don't feel these suggestions undermine the inegrity of your game design. I'm trying to be helpful here, providing my honest feedback as a player. You've done a lot of innovative stuff, here. But sometimes a simpler, tried-and-true solution can make the game less tedious and more fun.

IMHO, if you can provide an interface everyone already knows, while keeping your characters and settings and story innovative, there's really no reason not to.

Ideally, the interface should be as simple as breathing. This game was more like peeing into a catheter. Maybe that's what you were going for, it being an astronaut simulation and all, but somehow I doubt most players appreciate being challenged by the interface.

Great, but a little clumsy

I loved the startup menu. The graphics were great and liked the aiming feature for navigating the menu. Very nice. However, the actual gameplay was a little annoying. It was a little clumsy with having to hit the "enter" button every time to go to a new area. The gun was also a little too slow. I would like to be able to shoot a little bit faster.

But overall, not bad. My only real complaint was with the slow shooting.

wow that was unbelievable

i come to the flash portal looking for spammers i can blam you know like the shit from the crews and i clicked on urs hoping to blam it but i played it and.....i was blown away by how creative this is

1.the graphics were so diffrent it was very refreshing
2.the sound was flawless and fit the story very well
3.the gameplay was smooth and easy to get used to
4.the style ive never seen befor its amazing
5.the humor .....meh i wasent looking to laugh
6.violance wasent over used i like that

all in all an amazing game but theres allways room for improvements

thanks for that

pretty intresting

its a pretty cool game the movemenet was a little choppy and kinda small but i gave it a 5 hope you make it through the portal good luck.