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Chrono Trigger Unglued 13

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Author Comments

Watch as Fritz explains to Crono how he is absolutely innocent. Will Crono buy it?

Welcome back once more for another episode of Chrono Trigger Unglued. While we still don't exactly know where Cryo is since he fell off the edge of the planet, he did show up for a scant few days after Episode 12 came out. During that time he helped to script the secret scene for this episode. The remaining Cryo content is, perhaps, not as much as I had originally thought and the next episode is all that's left of his original scripts. At that point I will take up writing (although I have half-written parts of 12 and 13) unless he comes back from the void.

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I tried clicking on the sign in front of the store but it didn't work...

Clovis15 responds:

You're actually supposed to click on the door in front of the store.

Really funny

The flashback was really funny but what is the credit song????

Clovis15 responds:

It translates to "Dream Island Obsessional Park", but it might not necessarily be listed online by that (probably something in Japanese that I can't possibly remember). It's a song by "Susumu Hirasawa" and was used as the opening song to a show known as "Paranoia Agent", the credits of CTU from 11-17 is attempting to recreate Paranoia Agent's opening. What's featured here is the shoterened TV-Cut of the song, the full version has some weird parts in the middle of it.


This was a great way to get into the series if only because of that "tralala" song. That guy at the beginning is easily the best character in the entire show. I like how you do a recap because there are simply so many of these lengthy episodes it's hard to keep up! You showed a great deal of detail in this, especially with the wide shot of everyone in the town. The only thing that was missing was some action. If not for that, I would have given this a perfect 5.

This is still great because you have no clue what's going to happen next. It was weird how there was some spoken dialogue mixed in with just the words on the screen. The ending credits were just great, I wish there was more of that in the actual flash! I could not help but think you were influenced by Kirbopher's "TTA" series. Yeah, that's just wishful thinking.

Clovis15 responds:

I'm really glad you liked Fritz's Flashback sequence. Gaspar, the narrator, was first introduced because - thanks to College - the episodes were extremely far apart after I first took over. He then stayed around, even when things picked up a bit, because everyone loved him so much. I'm sorry that the series is often action lite, but in staying true to the original creator's vision - Cryokenetic - CTU is a primarily dialogue driven affair. I do try to spice it up with stuff every now and then, and Episode 25 in particular should have something particularly spicy in it that hopefully will be a "Thriller".

I love TTA, but I did not discover it until the summer of 2010... well after the time it had already died.

this is hilarious.

also loved the Space Quest reference in the last episode

Clovis15 responds:

FUN FACT: When Dan Scannell was asked be the voice of Gaspar, he was asked to try and sound like the narrator from Space Quest.

Fritz....why buddy why

lol 13 episodes and still funny as hell. I feel so bad for Fritz. "No my NECK wants to be free!" XD I knew it was that damn P.Agent song! Of course P.Agent was fkin creepy and I still dream to this day of becoming that fat guy who thanked his dolls after sex with the hooker T.T

Credits & Info

4.42 / 5.00

Apr 25, 2007
3:04 AM EDT