Reviews for "Chrono Trigger Unglued 13"

XD..that was great

its about time this was made..what was the hold up..anyway..it was great..so make the next one soon

Clovis15 responds:

The hold up included things such as finally graduating from college, trying to find my first job (unsuccesfully I might add), trying to continue a webcomic I started in '01, producing overdue commissions, and being a procrastinating whore at times.

FINALLY!!! the finished verison

I loved the BETA you sent me Clovis...this is as funny as I expected!!!
Keep going on it.


this thing rock! how do you do that?

Clovis15 responds:

I use flash?

Cast in the name of Chrono, ye guilty.

Either he's a liar or really stupid. You know...I think Fritz is the king of dumbass, just saying. Oh well. Still, it made for an amusing story. Though...one wonders. Does...everybody around like...really hate him and he doesn't notice? Oh, I bet that's the case. Hopefully, he stays dead/locked-up this time. And...ummm...how did Black Mage just...hop out? HOW?!

Clovis15 responds:

Fritz is just really stupid, and oblivious.

He's Black Mage, he often does whatever he wants to (and sometimes it even works). In this case, he leapt through the 4th wall with the sheer force of his frustrated will. Eldritch dark magicks probably helped in that regard.

Fritz....why buddy why

lol 13 episodes and still funny as hell. I feel so bad for Fritz. "No my NECK wants to be free!" XD I knew it was that damn P.Agent song! Of course P.Agent was fkin creepy and I still dream to this day of becoming that fat guy who thanked his dolls after sex with the hooker T.T