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DS Random Quiz

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Author Comments

This is a resubmission of our succesful Random Quiz with major improvements: More Questions; Anti-Cheat; New art, animation and transitions; New Links: More Info; EasterEggs and a Music Off button!
Through Judgement at 3.24- Yay! Best yet!

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Very good!

The questions are a little too easy however in fact the game is too easy like if you get a question wrong you can just guess your way through it til you know all the answers but i dont see how anyone can get these questions wrong. A little more color in the background would be alot better as well : )

IceDragon64 responds:

Sorry I didn't manage to challenge you more! Try my Dragon quiz, it should be up your street! Actually, all my quizzes are beta tested and yes, they do get them wrong! In fact, if you can remember the answers when you got them wrong, you did better than a lot of people, who choose different answers when they got them right, sometimes! Maybe I might do something with the backgrounds one day.


You said you had a templet, think you could share? jk
Nice to see a quiz game based on reality for once. The music was somehow soothing. Good job.

IceDragon64 responds:

Thank you.
I wouldn't share the template outside the Dragons & Spirits, but what is in it is really very simple. If you want to try making a Flash quiz PM me.
I came across the music by accident; Kimken make a lot of good stuff. I may use their music again.

that sure was fun

it tested me a bit but i actually got 2 anwsers wrong during the whole quiz =s
good job

IceDragon64 responds:

you did well. thanks for the feedback!


You obviously researched a bit - either that or looked at random pages on wikipedia ;). Not bad, i learnt a bit there lol. Obviously being a quiz it was not supposed to be amazingly drawn.
Not bad and I spent a while on it.
Maybe next time you could have a scored system, so that people will want to get 100% as opposed to going back to the beginning.
A few more levels would have been good. You could maybe add some sense of urgency, such as the quicker you say it, the more points you get - and maybe interrupt the game with different sorts, say where you have to throw the ball in a moving basket (well something less retarded, but there could be 3 baskets for 3 questions, only 1 being right) - hopefully you understand what I mean. A bit of variation.
Well done though, an enjoyable quiz, can't wait for number 2.

IceDragon64 responds:

Mostly the Q&A's are things I know, but I check everything on Wiki to get more info and pics. The last two- new questions were random fact that came out while I explored Wikipedia. Bezman want me to do scoring- I don't know how but I will add scores. I will retain the going back though, it adds a sense of journey and punishment. Inspired by Impossible Quiz I intend to make a much bigger Random Quiz, but it will be a quiz, I leave the game type things to IQ, however RQ 3 will have a greater variety of question style, such as maths questions.

It was random

LoL it was cool. Music fit very well, keep up the good work.

IceDragon64 responds:

Oh, good, just what I hoped for! I am already working on Random Quiz 2.
Thank you

Credits & Info

3.40 / 5.00

Apr 24, 2007
4:04 PM EDT