Dioji HamsterDance

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This is like my longest flash iv ever done and im still learning the program, Its also like the 2nd real flash i have ever done. Its in Black and white and its pretty simple.

It took me a total of like 8 hours to make so its not the greatest ever. but i likes it...

I do not own the hamsterdance and i do not claim ownership in any way this is just a flash i made using the song because i like it.


i love this song

love the manga-y drawing also to clear this all up
the original tune is from a disney movierobin hood and is whistled
this is by hampton the hamster
and no it is not by weird al devilman
anyway great animation and facials looks like you put a lot of work into it

that song is funny

its a funny song by wird all so5 for that and the animation looks hard so 5 forthat

Good vs. Evil

Alright... now why did I chose such a headline?!
Well I allways found the song pretty annoying because unfortunately there are too much ringtone commercials on German television and after a while it starts to get on one's nerves...
But the animation and the little dog were kinda cute!^^ And it only took 8 hours? Respect! If you spend some more time on your next submission it will become really good so I'm looking forward to see more from you!^^

fujy50 responds:

heh thanks ^_^ but yeah.. the next one im deffinatly planing on spending more time and putting more effort into.

Fantastic dance

I watched and voted yesterday, and today I watched it 3+ times more!
I really like you drawing style, and you make everything look so easy!
A very smooth animated dance, and further more I found, that it made me smile!
Though - It looks more like a fox to me...
Hope you'll make some more like this!

fujy50 responds:

Thanks, Yeah i know he kinda looks like a fox in this but hes a German Sheperd, Im happy it made you smile.


well thought of idea,so ok not the best in the world but my opinion is that it rules! so congrats

fujy50 responds:

^_^ thanks yeah i know its not the best ever but im glad that you liked it.

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2.19 / 5.00

Apr 24, 2007
10:59 AM EDT
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