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Happy Star Day!

That's right, I'm Mr. Bucket!
I'm Mr. Bucket, toss your balls in my top
I'm Mr. Bucket, out of my mouth they will pop
I'm Mr. Bucket!
We're all gonna run!
I'm Mr. Bucket! Buckets of fun!

Announcer: The game's Mr. Bucket! The first to get their balls into Mr. Bucket wins! But look out, 'cause the balls will pop out of his mouth!

I'm Mr. Bucket, balls pop out of my mouth
I'm Mr. Bucket, a ball is what I'm about
I'm Mr. Bucket!
We're all gonna run!
I'm Mr. Bucket! Buckets of fun!

Kid: I win, I win!

Buckets of fun!

Announcer: Mr. Bucket, from Milton Bradley

Buckets of fun!


This seems very juvenile and amateurish. Pointlessly watching a bunch of badly drawn animations about buckets is just a tactic to waste time. This gives off a Sonic Epoch vibe. Please actually try next time.

Great collab idea but could have been better

The idea of a collection of works all releated to mr.Bucket is extreamly humorous idea and given the absurdity of the topic i would would have expected a bigger team of people jumping on board.

but it is unfortunate that this collab wasn't executed better as a whole even as spam since this was an extremely good idea.

You could have at least 12 movies within the collab and even if all 12 movies turned out to be terrible there is still a higher chance that each part will make you laugh at least once.

But even while this collab turned out to only be okay it was still interesting trip down memory lane.

They just don't make spam like they used to and it's shame too.


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Ah good times,

Swell collab I say as always.


funny lyrics to the commercial but it could have gone so much further than it did.


The concept could of been pushed into something so much further. You found something that was funny in itself and then killed the funny. Find the jokes then draw it.

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Apr 23, 2007
11:12 PM EDT