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Dancin Seizure Comdy Hour

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I'm so intelligent, that you'd think i have suffered brain damage!

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dude wowomgbbq

that rocked! i loved the brackenwood bit after it, realy guys you should watch untill the end before you vote low.

Dude, that sucked.

Do the following:
Stick your right hand in a tank of piranhas.
Now stick your left hand in a meat grinder and turn it on.
Next, take several power drills and bore some holes in your feet, then plug those holes with M80s and detonate them.
Finally, have a friend drag your torso to a tub of acid, catch you on fire and throw you in.
Guess what, friends? you are still having more fun than if you were to watch the Dancin Seizure Comedy Hour.
My eyes are vomiting, and my eyes' vomit is commiting suicide.
It was unoriginal, visually painful and,
*drumroll please*
deserves to be shot, blammed, and burned at the stake.
Please. No more seizure stuff for the good of humanity.

*yes, i know that this is based off a gamepro Dukes Of Hazzard review.*

What the...

The fuck is this? You didn't even do anything, just took a video of a little girl being smacked in the face by a ball off of E! and put it in flash. Very talented.....yeah, BLAM.


SEIZURE! AAAAHHHHHHH. LOL FUNNEH [I sound n00bish dont I?]


Cut it out. Stop trying to give people seizures. It's probably illegel. You could go to jail.

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1.93 / 5.00

Nov 19, 2001
12:51 AM EST