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Sonic Saga Season 8 OP

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Author Comments

Eh, It could have been better, but I've put it off for so long I just thought "what the heck". Hopefully I've got about 6 more to go (Openings and endings) so if it's any good I'll put the others up.

Edit: Fixed the preloader issue, and hopefully fixed the image/audio sync. It's my first flash ever, so getting the timing right on a buggy computer is kind of hard. I'd love advice so keep reviewing out there!


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That was it?

That is more of an intro for a movie that a clip. I expected a little skit from the characters. It wasn't bad. It just needs more material is all I'm saying.

P.S. The average of my scores was 4 and 2/3. So I rounded up to 5 for you.

Nutronic responds:

Thanks, although (in a week) if you want to see "the movie" just click on the squirrel guy at the end.

Not very good at all

This isn't very good. The video lags over a minute behind the audio. There isn't any real plot. You have to right click on the front in order to play the movie. Maybe if this was remade it would be good but right now it is crappy.

The action synched up with the music saved it.

Graphics:Sprites, and not particularly good ones at that. Slow FPS frame rate and Sonic do not mix, my friend. The camera-work was ambitious, but the execution fell short in some places.

Style: It actually tells a (very simple) story and does so with a bit of pizzaz. Unfortunately, poor production quality really hurt the piece as a whole. See Overall, below, for a partial list...

Sound: Okay, I can respect you for re-using a professional Sonic soundtrack. But why, oh why did you have to pick the one that's a relic from the 90's preserved only on home-recorded VHS tapes? Other songs, you could have found a decent MP3 to use. This song, there IS no clean copy of it. (Or if there was, and you had a copy of it, your compression settings ruined it.) Also, the soundtrack reminds me of the old TV show, not the games, which picks fights with the sprite graphics. Personally, I woulda gone with Sonic Boom.

Overall: A good idea, but it had lots of little flaws which detracted from the whole:
-Poor choice of soundtrack.
-The title screen was kind of dull and long. (But at least you didn't submit JUST the title screen...)
-The distant background kept scrolling by even when sonic slowed down in the loops.
-There was nothing happening visually when some of the explosions were going off in the airship part of the soundtrack.
-The airship generally looked bad from the outside, like a big metal bananna with vents in it. (Surely there's some cool egg carrier establishing shot from some sprite game you could have used? If not, you should have made one up, or heck, I'd have settled for the airship from kirby with an Eggman logo slapped on the side.)
-The final explosion looked VERY cheap and lame and fake.

All that said, I liked it for some reason. Probabaly because it told a story and had some good ideas buried underneath the crappy execution. I look forward to your future submissions. Keep practicing, and keep trying to do better. :)

Nutronic responds:

Yeah I agree with you on some of those points, however I just want to point out it's only an opening video. My comic's been up for quite some time and this Idea was meant for season 1. It has nothing to do with actual comic plot wise, just kind of a "corny" action scene to establish the characters. Thanks for the in-depth review and I hope I can figure out how to get rid of the glitches.

oh man !!!!!

Graphics are good!!! I am a sonic fan but i gotta say this one SUX!!!! Just beginning of movie... But u took nice music from SATAM :D

Pretty Good

But please fix the preloader, i had to right click and press play. I liked alot of it, very smooth and the music was great! Though Sonic moved quite slow didn't he? Over all, keep up the good work!

Credits & Info

2.87 / 5.00

Apr 22, 2007
2:48 PM EDT