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Author Comments

version 2.0
Game gets gradually harder.
Taller screen.
Glowing Earth.
Stars in background.
No more negative x-speed values.
No more loud and annoying "rapidfire" noises.


Old Stuff:
A shooter game. I made it to practice Action Script. Practice makes perfect. And perfect is one thing I am nowhere near XD.

All of the graphics/sprites/whatever you want to call 'em were made by me. Everything was programmed by me. In fact, everything in this game was made by yours truly except for the fonts and the music, which I will credit below.

Intro from Tetris 2 (NES).

Main Menu from Strider(NES).

Game Over:
Game Over from Ironsword: Wizards & Warriors II (one helluva game).

The font can be found at http://www.04.jp.org/ along with a whole bunch of other kickass pixel fonts.

I hope I covered everyting. Enjoy the game!

Controls(for those too blind to see the little button that says "instructions"):
Move Left or Right

Shoot lazer.

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Maybe you could create your ship and upgrade it at the end of each lvl,which means you could have a credit system...hope this helps!

Much better than the first.

Well this was quite a fun little diversion. I played up to level 8.

Considering what you were aiming for, I couldn't ask for much more in terms of style and presentation. Simplistic yet smooth graphics, coupled with simplistic yet addicting gameplay gave this a nice, old-school arcadey feel. The thinner, taller screen really aided in recreating that feel, though having the movement of the starry background increase along with the speed of enemy ships during "LEVEL UPs", would've been a nice atmospheric touch.

Humor points because the "story" amused me.

Good use of sound effects, and while I thought the infinitely looped music would get annoying early on, it didn't bother me too much once I got into the game.

One or two more laser-altering powerups would've be nice, and while I found the "slow down" item to be a great addition in terms of adding difficulty, it could've been better implemented. It felt rather awkward for the ship to still move somewhat faster than its original speed after acquiring one "speed up" and one "slow down". The balance in speed change between both items should probably equate to zero, as they seemed to pop up at an equal frequency.

All in all, this was certainly a major improvement over the original in every regard, and it was very interesting to go back and see just how much you'd improved the game's design in only two weeks time. I certainly wouldn't mind seeing more things like this from you in the future.

afrodave responds:

Ok, what do you want from me?

Nice game so far.

I love the old school music. I think it requires more then just one set of music as I think it would be more interesting, something like per level it would rotate though the songs.

For some reason my planet wasn't being destroyed, I could sit and let all ships through, I was mind you on level 5ish, and I sat until I believe level 8 when I decided to end it. I just sat and fired in one position so I would generally never die.

Anyways, powerups! I think there should be more. I do enjoy you added negative powerups, those definatly help. Things like rapid fire, homing missles, and such should be added.

Some negative things could be slower bullets, reverse controls, etc.

As well as maybe per level instead of always just increasing speed, how about creating harder ships? Ones that require two or three hits. This could also allow another powerup, One hit kill bullets! Things like that.

I also realized you could fire, then fire again and pan your ship left or right, it would act like a bigger laser and you could kill a ship if you panned past a ship thats in your sight of fire.

Maybe even let the ships fire bullets back at you. They wouldnt damage your planet, just your ships. As well as I think your planet health should slowly go back up instead.

Anyways, keep up the good work, hope to see number 3 around soon. :)

afrodave responds:

Whoa... awesome suggestions. I'll be looking at this review when I work on the next update.

Thanks for the kickass review.

rounding it up

this game is good but it needs a pause button, a ship where you can change the colors of it, more power ups, like weapon power ups, level selector if you have more than one level in the game and the levels should be unlocked normally for the level selector.

afrodave responds:

The pause button sounds like a good idea, but changing the ship colors doesn't really sound too exciting. Also, a level select sounds good as well. Thank you for your review.

it was cool

Kinda reminded me of Space Invaders witha mix of Raiden but hey it was still a good game keep up the nice work

afrodave responds:

Raiden? Never played it, I'll have to try it sometime.

Credits & Info

3.50 / 5.00

Apr 21, 2007
4:58 PM EDT