The Adv of Nate & Cheese

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This is a movi about two jedi, who do stuff..this is the original but the new one "Nate&Cheese" is in progress


cool one

that was a pretty cool animation. i really liked the storyline behind this one... it was quite interesting and original. some cool characters in it, nice graphics and audio in and it offered some pretty nice entertainment.


it looks good! and I cant wait till me and Show-R-Studios are done with the new movie.... it is not the part 2 u see at the end of the credits..... it isnt about the matrix so ya.... but it will be great! im sure you guys cant wait either. and great job Show-R! it is a peice of moving art...... needs a little more work though.

a little boring

it was a little boring, not a recommendation but this is a start for new series, voice would be good and a little improvement on the graphics just take your time.

I've decided I hate these summary things.

Before we begin I'd like to say after reviewing a few flashes i decided I dont like those one line summary things cause I'm about to type them again in more depth.
Anyway I just wanted to post a review telling you I think you may be onto something, that flash was really cool. I'm excited to see more I just wish this first part had been a lot longer, just as I was getting into it and thing "hell ya here it comes!" it ended.

On another note I really like the animations, every time my eyes would wander and I'd start thinking that something didn't look as good as everything else it would just blow up and the explosions looked great so all is well. Anyway get to work on part 2 asap, once again I enjoyed this a lot.

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3.30 / 5.00

Apr 21, 2007
9:34 AM EDT
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