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Slash Returns: Haistlwu

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Slash presents: How Am I Supposed To Live Without You!
Poor Slash is separated from his true love by a terrible force...a statutory rape conviction. Can he survive the heartbreak?
As always, I respond to all reviews!

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Well this is interesting

gave abit more score to this as it did have some effort on animation and the art was ok, the subject matter was abit rough but it did make me laugh abit so for that you have done well

less provocitive material and more humor

Amusing idea but still good for a laugh or two


SlashFirestorm responds:



Oh Slash, your movie has moved my soul.

I can't help but relate to the emotions that you so eloquently conveyed in this tragic tale of two lovers torn apart by a cruel twist of fate. The song.... it's like Bolton knew what I'm going through, OH THIS IS MY NEW FAVORITE SONG! Choice selection, my good man! I really felt sad after seeing how things ended, but you'll be back, just like the Mc Ribwich! (I think that's what it's called) Fantastic work, fifen for j00! I need to review moar :(

SlashFirestorm responds:

Only gays and bisexuals like Michael Bolton.

...welcome to the fold. :-D

Such a sad story... :(

Slash, I had tears in my eyes while watching the moive, it was so touching and so sad. Man, I wish that you two can be together eventually and live happily ever since. P.S: Is the chick in your movie DRA? I am just wondering... :P

SlashFirestorm responds:

Nope, the chick is an 8-year old lolicon princess.

Way I see it, if they're old enough to tie their shoes, they're old enough to fuck.


Not bad...not good either...ok maybe its good

Hmm lets see our check list.

Pedophile relationship between a little anime girl and a Windows Painted man = Check

Man to Man rapes = Check

The most exaggerated picture of a d**k? = Check

Move this pitiful flash to the pits of Blamness = Not Checked

Yes, this flash HASthe potiential to survive..who knows. Nice story, awful relationship, scary man rapes...I mean cmon, did you see that thing in bed? Oh sorry said too much :/

Anyways, nice flash I guess, the artwork is sort of below average, including the animation. Nice music track and plot though, thumbs up to that. If you make another slayers return, I suggest you byu Macromedia Flash and tune it up. Until we meet again, O Mighty Slayer

SlashFirestorm responds:

LOL potential? It's not going to be blammed. If the original Slash Returns passed...if the XIAOLIN SECRET EPISODE passed...this will pass easily, heheh.

Yes, I compensate for my abysmal drawing skills (LOLSKILLS) with good music and story and lols, heheh.

Believe me, Slash WILL return...he always, always does.

...I do have Macromedia Flash...rofl. The lack of aesthetics is all me, not the program, heh. XD

Thanks for the review!

Yeay!!! I like pie!

So much Pain! So much Sorrow! So much Man on Man action... how could you not like it... Really this is one of the few that might actually have a chance for survival... XP

SlashFirestorm responds:

You know I haven't had a flash blammed in like, a year, right? :-D

I am glad you enjoyed...it is indeed a sad story. How dare that judge tell me 'eight is too young?'

We're all children at heart!!!