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Well, earlier this week, I really decided I should start animating again, i havnt really touched Flash in months... i took a look back at all my uncompleted projects, failed colabs, and even completed work (suprisingly enough).
I wanted to submit something on 420, I thought about a quick animation, but soon after i started, i knew there was no way... so I didnt want all this work to go to waste, so I through it into one big animation
Oh, and the reason im submitting it on 4/19 is because there is no way im gonna have enough time or enough patience to submit it, and I dont feel like waiting

Please, enjoy, have a safe trip

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pretty cool......

i liked the style and what not

but 420 is retarded

Hell cool

Sweet movie man. I loved the music its like a 12 bar blues kinda thing. The preloader was pretty humorous. I hate it when i get unmotivated about playin bass guitar. What u gotta do is find someone to inspire u. I found Victor Wooten to inspire me and now im back playin better than ever. Ur movie was pretty sweet cos it was practically all random stuff but it kept me entertained. I hope u find someone to inspire u to keep making movies .

GuitarBrdArounO responds:

thx man, the only reason i dont make as much movies, is because 1. it takes a lotta time which I dont have anymore, 2. ..... i dont really know,

Just what I like random thoughts.....

I really liked that walking carrot guy in the film. You have a unique style of drawing. Keep at it! You are a great artist and animator and I hope you have many more great films like this!

GuitarBrdArounO responds:

thx man, unique is what strive for


I don't know why you haven't done flash for a while, your obviously good at it, and your animating skills are top notch, I hope to see a long future from you :) Great job, keep up the good work.

GuitarBrdArounO responds:

i havnt been doin flash, cause im lazy, and unmotivated, the most I can get done is drawing a picture... but yea, thanks man its good to hear, Happy 420


this makes me want to smoke some pot. nice job man.

GuitarBrdArounO responds:

you better! 420 comes but once a year

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4.64 / 5.00

Apr 19, 2007
7:41 PM EDT