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WolfDevil's Phoenix Wrong

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I saw that there was an entire series of these here, so I decided to take a crack at it. Hope you all enjoy it!

Sprites found at http://www.court-records.net/
Goodman sprites made by Mikker. Don't know who that is, but he wants credit for them, so there it is.

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Ummm, OK?

Most of those sounds had been used before, in case you haven't noticed. To prevent this from happening in my Phoenix Wrongs, I run periodic scans on Newgrounds, YouTube and sometimes Evestraw's site to make sure the sounds I have allocated for use in my movies have not already been used. I advise that all Phoenix Wrong authors do the same.
Other than this, the Flash was good, especially for a first time. You could've done a little more to fix the quality of the sprites, however...

I'll Cut Ya Some Slack!

It's Not Bad for a first try
You should make more Phoenix Wrong flashes as of right now we are in a middle of a drought of NO PHOENIX WRONG FLASHES!


I've seen alot of that audio used already. I used the Queen song myself already. Anywho the screen size was too large for the sprite size so not only was it pixely but you can tell that you didn't take the time to make sure your sprites didn't jump during the animation. I have already done two of these so I know what your working with, but you should've picked new audio.

WolfDevil responds:

I don't doubt that at least one of them has been used before. I just didn't take the time to sit and watch each and every entry, which I guess I should've done, just to make sure. But it certainly wasn't my intention to rip anyone off. ^_^;

As for the sprites jumping around, I got them as close as I could. It's kinda hard to get them so exactly perfect that they don't move at all.

Thanks for the review!


Il give you credit cuz you did it well. And im not an asshole. But this has been done before.. : /


Oh well. Still i got laughs at the "ninja" type yelling thing betweent he 3 guys. lol

I like this a lot

Hey great job buddy. You got a hearty guffaw out of me. I hope this gets front page eventually.

WolfDevil responds:

With any luck! At the rate it's getting these good reviews, it's not looking too far off. :)