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Welcome to Alzheimer's Glaucoma Epilepsy Darts, the world's most linear darts simulator.

You'll play it, and you'll fucking like it, you shower of cunts!



^^Good Points^^
Good for a quick laugh. I liked the music, it reminded me of one of those epic songs. The graphics were pretty good, I liked your drawings and drunken effects.

^^Needs Improving^^
From my experiences with playing this game a few quick times, I find that it is the same events over and over, which is kind of disappointing. I would have liked to been actually able to hit the target. Also, no replay button, so I had to exit out and reload the game to play again.

I like the stabbyness n death

ultimate un pc mwa ha ha.....

Gaizka responds:

How morbid.

Sexy and funny.

Looks good, and is a simple but funny work. Good job. I enjoy throwing darts into small children. :-D

Out of curiosity, what's the name of the song in this?

Gaizka responds:

It the theme to the classic British student gameshow, 'Blockbusters' presented by the legendary Bob Holness.


Graphics: A simulation of really being drunk... Great
Style: Not really a game but still pretty damn funny
Sound: its funny because it annoys the hell out of me...
Violence: Someone died.... GREAT!
Interactivity: not really interactive but more interactive than most things
Overall: GREAT but you shouldn't advertise this as a game... I Protect this with a 4, but i doubt it will pass... keep your hopes up, and keep up the good work

Gaizka responds:

One of the loveliest reviews I've ever had. Cheers!


reckon last reviewer didnt get the point lol.

though i did think i was hittin the board quite well... :P maybe you could make this into a proper game? and then add this flash to it somewhere, like in the extras or as one of the game options?

got a laugh out of me though XD

Gaizka responds:

You know, I just very well may do that!

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2.23 / 5.00

Apr 17, 2007
6:15 PM EDT
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