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Slash Returns: ramagi

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Author Comments

This is a dedication to the beautiful Blam Queen herself, ramagi. Why we don't have a day to celebrate her awesomeness, I don't know, but dammit, we should! Not just because she's likely the most powerful user on NG stat-wise, but because she's also a good moderator, a nice person, and a kick-ass queen who inspires fear and awe in all those that see her. :-D

As usual, I respond to all reviews!

(Audio is Firehouse's "Love of a Lifetime". Great song.)

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I miss when Ramagi would lock all my threads. This brings tears to my ass.

Try not to think about that too hard.


I really like it
good graphics, nice sound
pretty nice story
and I really like the concept... a ramagi's flash...
was awesome

SlashFirestorm responds:

Maybe I should write a Slash x ramagi fanfiction sometime.

With lots of naughty tags. :-D


That was a really well done dedication flash. I thought that you made everything work, from the cool song selection to the simple yet well drawn character designs and the hilarious masturbating scene. Only thing that kinda annoyed me was the way it started to drag out a lot towards the end. Overall though im very pleased with your effort and think that you have made a really thoughtful tribute.


SlashFirestorm responds:

Yeah, got lazy near the end. Fucking wrist started hurting from repeatedly drawing people, heheh.

Thanks for the review!


Well you know with the recent slash classics, which of course been for humor, at first wasn't sure, then I looked at the title and it told me everything I needed to know and what to expect.
I must say the level of effort is very good for you, I know you spent some time on this. I thought you would use some picture of ranma off the web or like that for this flash. You actually took time to drew out a character, believe it or not, I'm in a few other flashs.
Yet that you took the time to dar is impressive.
Well too bad the stickfigure is not an accurate reputation of physical attributes, from what I have heard. :0 Yet with out it, the flash would just not be right.
On a side note this makes me want to see that never made slash littlewashu 4 esp.
I was trying to think of what else you could included in this, but with your OCD, that might been a bit too much and it would have never gotten done which would have been a shame. This did give me a small idea for a follow up to this for maybe with a ramagi classic, but may never happen. I'm happy that I have influenced.


SlashFirestorm responds:

I could have just made this another secret episode, had it completed with half an hour, but yeah, I want to put in some work for you, hehe. :-P

I thought about using a Ranma pic (since, sadly, I have not gotten the chance to see your real-life gorgeousness), but then I wouldn't be able to get it in some of the positions I'd need. So I just sorta took female-Ranma and slashitized it into a sexy Supreme Commander, heh.

Now that you say it's not accurate, I reeeeally wish I could see your almighty beauty, heh. Even if my drawing was an accurate representation, it would still never do you justice with my horrible drawing skills, lol.

(gonna have to try to find one of flashes with you in it...heh)

As for Slash n' Washu 4, who knows. The Slash Classics team are pretty much done, at least for now, so if Afro and me get bored...heh, possibly.

You might be in more flashes of mine, now that I've given you a character model...I've already begun pre-planning my Clock Day 2007 flash, and I have a feeling you'll be in it. ^_^

You have indeed influenced me, ramagi. When I first came onto Newgrounds, I was just content to look at the stuff on the front page and occasionally lurk in the BBS. Then I saw you and your sexy stats (back then you had the pimp-cane/sex toy of level 23, heh), and thought to myself 'damn, look at that. I'm nothing compared to her. I need to get off my ass and start working...'

Couple years later, I've managed to accomplish a good amount...EGSC, Deity Whistle (although I had hoped to earn it back with the old whistle system, where it'd have been a hell of a challenge)...my goal has always been to someday become as respected of a member of the site as you. So indeed, you've definitely influenced my life...er, e-life...greatly. :-P

Keep up the ass-kicking good work that you do...someday, hopefully, I can reach the same high standards you've set.

With much <3, Slash. ^_^

My eyes have been opened

Wow, I had no idea. I may have to put on hold my current e-crush in persuit of this goddess of which you speak. I'm sure BigBadRon won't mind...


Another ridiculous flash from you, all be it a little different from the secret episodes. For a start it is better drawn, with half decent graphics, even if it is lacking animation. And no, a fapping stick figure does not count :P

Also a great choice of song, and a pretty clever progression as the flash goes on, especially as Slash rises up through the ranks. One small complaint was that it got a little dull towards the end, with fairly repetitive pictures.

And it was funny. Really, really funny. I hope Ramagi reviews it, as I would love to see what she has to say.

So a solid 3/5 for this one- with some better animation skills you would be getting some great scores, but then they wouldn't be Slash animations, so I'm not complaining :D

SlashFirestorm responds:

Who DOESN'T fall for ramagi? Hell, my entire quest for super B/P power is to impress the Blam Queen. :-D

Heh, yes. I was considering making a secret episode for her...sure would have been faster and easier...but eh, she's been such an influence on me ever since I joined up (I remember seeing her having that sexy badge and Deity Whistle, and deciding to go for both, heh)...I wanted to put some effort into this, lol.


Yeah, I kinda did get lazy near the end. The characters may seem easy to draw, but once you draw them that many times, your arm starts hurting...especially when you have a shitty mouse and a bitchy computer, lol.

She's gonna review it, which rocks. Can't wait. ^_^

Yep...if I really wanted to, I could make some good flash. But that's not me...I prefer speed and humor over time and graphics. Hell, I've slacked off all my life, doing the bare minimum, whether in school (proved to all them IB teachers that you CAN pass the program without trying) or work (which I got fired from, rofl...not totally for the reason in Slash Returns, but it did play a part) or flash (obviously).


Credits & Info

4.15 / 5.00

Apr 17, 2007
4:14 PM EDT