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Ask Nobodies 1 - 3

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These were done quite a while ago, but we put Ask Nobodies 4 up here so I figured we might as well put the rest up. You even get bonus songs that aren't in the originals with this three pack! These ones aren't quite as flashy as the other one because the first two were animated by Eric instead of number one (the incredible Chase).



And check out the fourth one if you havn't already, it's neato.

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Well this was funny but have to say you guys talk alot about penis lol, it was funny though I do think some subtitles would work well with this one, this was entertaining some great characters here and funny entertainment so nice job indeed, hope you make more again someday.

some subtitles would be nice


It's met yet again! I loved how you made this a compilation. I was confused by the order of the cartoons. That is, their release date. Why was this released after "Ask Nobodies 4"? Whatever, it's quite nice.

The first cartoon was the best. I just remember it the most. My, what a long way you've come. I wish I'd see these characters again. There's no big finale or anything.


Fair Master
The one that is packed who needs a brand

Five letters can sum up this video...


OD on weed XD

Youd have to smoke more than half your own body weight in pounds to OD on weed and before then youd have smoked yourself sober so you wouldnt keep doing it XD but thats awesome XP