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Boxman vs Ball

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A fun little animation I made in 2 days, quite sketchy, but action packed and feel-good. I had a lot of fun making this, I hope you guys enjoy it.

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(title in work)

It is definitely an interesting style. Very sketchy as you said it was. It's not a style used all too often on NG, which makes it pretty unique. It's a bit hard to follow at times I think because of this style though. The fast music went well with this though. Overall a good effort.


Very upbeat, the only problem this suffered from was duration, i mean i was just starting to get into it and then all of a sudden it just cut off. Your music selection was excellent and suited your beautiful and crazy sketch animation style. I would of loved for you to have voice acted the word at the end though. Overall i was really impressed with your animation, just wished i could have seen more of it.



A very creative an distinct style of animation. I just love this 'noisy' style of the action scenes. Very good job with the camera view, the shaking effect is awesome. Only one problem... too short. I want to see MORE!!! Keep with the good work!

nice one

that was a pretty nice animation. a little bit short overall, but i really liked the graphics in this one... they were very nice, a decent plot to it and it was a major blast to watch... and i'm pretty sure you had a blast making this one. i think that it could've been a little bit longer, but it was still very good.


Mmm, I liked this. You must have an ass-load of patients to draw all of that FBF work. FBF pisses me off, and I could never make something like this without giving up. Kudos.

I liked the fast paced and action packed style you gave it, and you chose the perfect song to go along with it, thats probably the most fast paced song that isn't techno or rap.

Great job on this, I liked it mucho.