Eggmans Prank 3

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This is a late April Fools Day episode, with our new character Silver, he's a psychic.


omg they made a trilogy

lol what a great way to start the flash, and what better to go with it than matrix music. lmao when did silver become an A$$.

And even with the warning at the beginning a few people below me still whine about the vid, they seriously need to get over themselves.
Great job as usual!


all i got to say is funnny

Hehe-haha! SLIVER!

Funny, KEEP IT UP! and yo, KnuxFan23 and Ulius432, yah need to go somewhere for f'n real. I swear, if I was the one that made this flash (or any flash that involves with sonic and them), had yah saying that crap AND was face to face with yah, I'd knock yah ass out. For real, LEAVE THIS GUY (or girl, sorry) ALONE, GET A LIFE! I'M A HUGE ASS SONIC FAN AND I LUV IT WHEN PEOPLE MAKE FUN OF HIM-IT'S FUUNY. Damn, go to yah "sonic is the greatest and should not be made fun of" 13 yr old fantasy world insead. Srry, just had to get that out-people are being too extreme about these flashes...


HAHAHAHA!! No wonder why i liked Silver, he gets a lot of good flash parts!

Jesus Christ

Silver IS psychic
Tails is a FOX, not a squirrel.
Knuckles always wins fights as long as they aren't with Sonic.
Amy is NOT Sonic's girlfriend, he hates her guts.
And Shadow is indestructible, that bomb would have killed everyone except him.
Fuck, those openings said you like Sonic, why the hell are you making him look like an r-tard. Are you hooked on crystal meth or heroine?

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Apr 14, 2007
9:40 PM EDT
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