Morph - Worlds.

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This is basically Morph2. Morph was liked by alot of people but you seemed to really want more environments, So here it is! Morph - Worlds.

***UPDATE*** Keys fixed on Moon stage.


I played this for about 15 minutes til I finished it while my wife was yapping away on the phone.

GazSmithGames responds:

haha nice


Ok, but too much distance where you die and I would prefer more with land, air and sea (and maybe on desert, tuneling through ground.


The hit tests make the game painful. Knowing you were one key away from the beating the level and two enemys get within smelling distance and you suddenly keel over :-S Sometimes enemys we're even approaching and you snuffed it like there was still the hit test summoned, but not the movie clip.

If (And am sorry for this) your stupid enough to play it twice, a new sound loop starts without terminating the old one creating 'mess'.

The lack of speed it a bit of a downfall too, but i'm sure that can be overlooked on the basis of not making it too easy.

I hope you manage to iron the bugs out in future projects, best of luck both

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What a very entertaining game, i thought you did a lot of things right with this, the music was really energetic, the whole morphing thing was really creative, i especially liked the morph in the icelandic one with the eskmo and the scuba diver. The only thing that annoyed me was that you could clearly be not touching the enemy but still die. The different levels setup on the one screen were really cool. Overall i was having a really good time playing this.


Its an ok idea...but

I suppose i like the idea of the ball morphing to fly, swim etc
But otherwise i found the game annoying and clunky.
Not complete Shi*t but close.

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3.38 / 5.00

Apr 14, 2007
7:06 PM EDT
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