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Drear/Happy Infestation

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Author Comments

This was a project I started almost exactly two weeks ago. I had some empty vicks boxes and a simple character in my mind, as well as lots of sketchbook to be used, so after many many hours of hard work, here it is! The idea was that it would be really cool if somewhere there was just a button that made everything happy. It's 2515 frames, 100.8 seconds running at 24 fps. Hope you like it! By the way, I respond to all reviews, so feel free to say hi!
Also, I take no ownership for the pattern used on the inside of the building, it was done by an amazing pattern artist, Esther Hong, for a website called nakedandangry.com. cheers!

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Great Art, Great Music!

Pretty original for NG. Loved the positively strange music and loved the scetchy atmosphere. Also I loved the nature infestation idea. Nature rules!


reminded me of when i used to make marble ramps out of paper and the card board centers of toilet paper rolls. Maybe if I shot paint balls at the ramps while the marble wissed by I would achieve the same affect. Then again first I have to find the button.

It was cute, nature infesting my city would make me really happy too. Minus poison Ivy.

MorrowDays responds:

Marble ramps are awesome, I make them with my cousin occasionally. What button would you have to find?

Glad you enjoyed it, when I visualized the nature explosion it seemed like a cool idea, so thats what that was about, yeah. Poison ivy is no fun.

Pretty interesting.

Hmmmm, this was....uhh...a pretty interesting flash thing. I didn't really get it but i do appreciate these types of animations, they make me think for some odd strange bizzare reason. So uhh keep em coming.

MorrowDays responds:

Maybe they make you think because you don't get them. Hmm. More will be up within the next week or two.


Make the world happy...I hear ya

This flash is interesting. I liked it, then read the review by LeonSK, and liked it even more. The discussion takes me back to 2nd year Art College and "modernism". Although, "modern art" died in the 1930's, it's still rewarding to analyze today’s stuff in the old context. It can make you think about a few things.
So yeah…great work…and then I see that you’re 14!
Wow, things will only get better for you.
You guys should checkout my movie, submitted yesterday.
Search: "Life 2207 Chapter1"

MorrowDays responds:

Life 2207 seems really cool, I liked it alot. I'm actually only 13, Im not sure how to change it so it says that, but I appreciate you checking my profile.
Someday I'd like to go to art college. I'm planning on going to an alternative animation highschool, and from then theres really no telling.

Glad you enjoyed the animation! thanks for the review.

from synthetic cubism to orphism

If my understanding of art and all my recent studies serve me well, the style of art was actualy synthetic cubism, to use daily objects, stick them together in a certain fashion to create scenary. It's not to imitate reality but to represent the artistes vision of what is real. Well I said orphism as because cubism did'nt use to many colours(mostly gray and yellow) and the paintings that look like the cubist type with colour are called orphism.
It made me think about that since the movie starts gray and lifeless with just the moving (that I think represents the motion of life?) and then colour comes in as life itself.

This is my interpration of your work. I could of made a good analysis for one of my college class.

P.s: by the way, except for the animation part, your art resembles that of Picasso but a lot less subtle.

MorrowDays responds:

wow, you really know your stuff.

I had no idea it was called synthetic cubism, but thats exactly the feel I was going for when I did it. I'll be sure to include these descriptions when I submit next!
Your interpretations of the project are really quite interesting, when I did the thing, it was for some entirely different reason, so its quite cool to see what other people thought of it.
hearing that it resembles picasso makes my day. awesome. Thanks for the review!

Credits & Info

4.12 / 5.00

Apr 14, 2007
6:20 PM EDT
  • Daily 5th Place April 15, 2007