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Hey guys and girls,
The title is "10 things you never say 2 womean". sorry the title is misleading (we didn't have a enough space to put in the full title). Oh, and also, we DO NOT reccomend you try this on a women in your local bar, it's just for entertainment. Oh, and i know i spelt woman wrong, im just a really really bad speller :(

hope u like it anyway!!

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Character Design

Poor jokes
Bad ending

This had potential but I felt it didn't really excel all that well, some more time could have perhaps produced something better, in quality and in humour.

~ RocksTonicJuiceMagic ~

It's O.K

It will be good if I could hear you talking.
Also, make the girl like slapping the guy or something.

DWT-Productions responds:

well we thought that the girl shootig him at the end was enough :)

10 tips:

1) NEVER EVER re-use graphx
2) make the voices clearer
3) think of funnier things calling someone fat isn't offensive
4) the title should be 10ThingsYouShouldNeverSayInABa rToAWoman
5) try using lip sync
6) start button and replay would be good
7) actions- woman slapping man/ woman stabbing man etc.
8) subtitles
9) woman could say something
10) other woman
11) oh wait its 10 tips


wow how original. ive never seen a movie before where it gave me advice on wut not to say to girl...

yeah right

there was like 2 funny parts and the rest of it i couldnt make out wut he was saying =/

thats why i gave u such a low score, i just couldnt understand it

if u re-do this then put better audio so peple can understand wut hes saying withouht puttting there ears up against the speakers =/

Kinda funny

But I actually used number 10 and it worked! :D