How To Spot A Terrorist

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Good evening citizen. Have you ever thought to yourself, "Gee golly! I've always wondered how to spot a terrorist."? This short film will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about how to spot a terrorist.

This is an editorial cartoon that first appeared in Dragonfire at www.dfire.org.

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the idea was good and especially how you made it the typical 1950s child information video style. but the voice you used (whether it was yours or a friends, i dont know) you should change it. the voice is unsuited to that style of video and it makes all the jokes very dull and flat. or if you dont change it at least do it with some goddamn enthusiasm? i was rather stone faced through it. but the idea was good so just try re-doing it.

btw. the animation wasnt too great either. but thats not my main problem with the video.

Some things to work on.

You have an okay concept but failed to execute it well. First off I sugest that you eithe take acting lessons or use a voice actor for your next submissions. For a film like this where you are making fun of terrorism you want to sound energetic. You sounded almost tired.
For humor, I really sugest you run your jokes by friends or familly. Chances are if one of them finds something funny one of us will and trying to judge your own jokes doesn't work. Hell I think I'm hillarious but others might not find me funny. Personally I found your jokes tedious and repeditive.
Lastly animation, what can i say It looked okay but it could use some polish. Over all this looked like the first decent submission of a artist who will one day rule NG. Work on those things and that day will just come sooner. (is sooner even a word?)

ksb43 responds:

I suggest that you either take writing lessons or use a writer for your next reviews ;)


I liked the twist at the end. Some of the "he might be a terrorist if" reasons were stale and didn't work.

(Y) =]

Hilarious man. 5

i like the music ALOT

this is a nice way to show people what a terrorist looks like, the old fashoined aproach is nice. cant wait for the next one. KEEP THE MUSIC

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Apr 12, 2007
4:48 PM EDT
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