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Minushi - Chapter 5

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See the storyboard and an early version of the fight scene in this chapter plus behind the scenes making-of video footage at:


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dont know what that guy is talking about. this episode was a good follow up

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Oh, come on.

That part of the stroy was just plain bad.
I am sorry.
The voice acting was terrible and the lines far too cheesy.
That took it right down sorry.


Not much else to say it's awsome great work!

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Good Stuff

Okay I have seen all the episodes up to here and I feel as though I need to write a review. First, before anyone takes my criticism to the heart and people call it useless because I actually review, understand that I usually only tend to review for flashes that I feel are good (or are really bad and need some help (which is not the case for this one)) so in me reviewing this it is because I liked it.

Okay first off, one thing has got me confused in this series. The girl in the series, Trix if I am not mistaken, has a strange feature. An extremely pointy chin (and her face pretty much expands about halfway down her face, but thats a different point). I mean this chin could cut paper its so pointy. Now obviously I think that is weird, but I would have tried to ignore it. That is, had something not happened in this episode. All of a sudden, her chin was rounded (especially when she turned)?!?! Am I the only one to notice this? A pointy chin is one thing but if you going to give your character one please keep it that way.

Another problem I have is that in this episode the woman charactor who talks to them in front of the rest of the town had terrible voice acting. Let me try to make people understand me... Okay, think of it this way, she is telling them that pretty much the whole town has been destoyed as well as a bunch of other depressing stuff and she is using no emotion. Maybe I am wrong and she intended for there to be some, but it was not in any way detectable. Also something about the voice acting for that character was overall less than spectacular.

"Go away"
"Oh shut up Eugine!"
Haha. I swear, especially with how serious everything seemed to be, that was perhaps one of the funniest things I have heard. More because of it's timing and out-of-placeness than anything else. Then again maybe I was just starving for a laugh. Anyway, I congragulate you on that little piece of comedy.

It is still a great series, I am just worried it may be starting to downhill with these next episodes. but still, good job, and on to episode 6.

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